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CyberLink PowerDirector video editing software for beginners
  • 31 Mar 2023

CyberLink PowerDirector video editing software for beginners

CyberLink PowerDirector video editing is a user-friendly video editing solution that focuses on artificial intelligence. A subscription-based product called PowerDirector video editor gives users access to new features, Getty and Shutter Shock content, and priority customer support. With a diversity of helpful modes, users can start making excellent, professional videos straight away. You can also benefit from a lifetime license, which is offered for both Mac & Windows and has a few features to spare. Overall, Keygen is an editing software with access to a type of plug-ins, modes, assets, video effects, and creation tools.

CyberLink PowerDirector is a comprehensive video editor.

Are you searching for video editing software that will allow you to edit videos quickly and easily? So let's introduce CyberLink PowerDirector, a user-friendly, consumer-friendly professional video editing software that has features for editing video files. You can make videos with it using a variety of modes, including Storyboard, or you can make digital movies with their digital movie mode.

In 1996, CyberLink was established with a focus on multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. To produce a multimedia experience like PowerDirector, the company employs over 200 patented technologies. More than 400 million licenses of software have been sold and distributed, and they have won more than a thousand international awards.

How does CyberLink PowerDirector work?

An excellent tool for video editing is CyberLink PowerDirector. It is also simple to use and has a simple user interface. So, how exactly do you get started with CyberLink PowerDirector?

Compared to well-known programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, PowerDirector is ideal for beginners. Use the brief tutorial below to learn how to use CyberLink PowerDirector video editing properly.

Media should be imported.

Importing the media you intend to use is the first step. To take a job with a single file, just use the Import media files option. When uploading documents, you must select import a media folder.

Fundamental video editing:

You must learn the fundamentals of video editing, such as how to combine projects, separate video clips, and trim. With PowerDirector, you can merge various videos into one project and work with them on a timeline. Before editing a selection of the timeline, you must position your cursor there. If you want to split someone's clips into multiple pieces, you can do so with PowerDirector. Then, you can take out specific segments and clip them back in later. Last but not least, you must trim. Trimming enables you to precisely remove video clip segments without going overboard.

The video effects

PowerDirector includes a good selection of video effects. They are essential to enhancing video quality and obtaining a glossy final product for your company. Select its Power Tools icon, then add a video influence like Video Speed and Video Crop by clicking on the video effect drop-down menu. You can add many video effects like slow motion or freezing, as well as an audio clip, to improve a section.

Audio and image editing

You should become familiar with PowerDirector's audio and video editing features as a beginner. The Wave Editor for Audio enables you to modify the Audio as required. Select the audio clip, then right-click and select "Edit audio in Wave Editor." You must employ the PowerDirector Photo today features for images to modify them quickly.

Back up and save projects regularly.

CyberLink PowerDirector as a beginner, you may lose a lot of work because you did not save or create a proper backup. PowerDirector provides a simple method for preserving your projects, but you can also save frequently by using the shortcut key. When it reaches backing the job up, you can use the "Pack Project Materials" button and choose where you want to save it.

Premium Effects and Plug-ins

If you choose this software, you will have unlimited access to CyberLink's premium plug-ins and effects. That is the equivalent of $13,700 in plug-ins and effects. These include Stock Videos, Music, Creative Design Packs, and Styles & Effects. Festivities, rides, action, decorative items, and romance are just a few of the many themes contained in the creative design packs. You have regular access to 3000 effects in total.