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How Providing Video Transcripts Boosts Your SEO
  • 28 Feb 2023

How Providing Video Transcripts Boosts Your SEO

You probably already know the fundamentals of SEO.

If you want to boost leads and improve conversion rates, the essentials that everyone should remember are doing keyword research, optimizing your website, monitoring the results, and making adjustments to your approach.

Yet none of that is the topic of our conversation today.

Instead, I'll go through how to improve your SEO using video transcripts.

This technique has been shown to improve your SEO, but it's much more important now.

Most marketers that were polled understand how crucial employing video marketing is. Data shows that 86% of companies employ video marketing and 92% say it's "essential" to their overall marketing plan.

SEO and video transcripts

There are several ways that video transcripts may increase the exposure of your website and are a useful SEO strategy.

Transcripts, in the first place, open up your video material to a larger audience, including people who are hard of hearing, deaf, or who choose to view videos without sound. This may increase traffic to your website and user engagement.

Searching for a technique to get search engines to index your videos? Next, include transcripts. They provide the information you're presenting in context and allow search engines to scan your video material. The new video index report from GSC now includes your indexed videos.

On your website, transcriptions may be used to create internal links. Are your transcriptions complemented with material that adds value for the visitor? Link to it thereafter to keep visitors on your website longer.

You may utilize the helpful keywords and phrases found in transcripts to optimize your videos and raise your position in search engine results.

Lastly, research from Facebook's internal testing reveals that subtitles may increase video view durations by around 12%. Moreover, crawlable material provided by closed captions increases the likelihood that your content will be indexed by search engines.

How to Get Started With Video Transcription

We now know that video transcriptions may help your SEO efforts. So where do you begin?

Manual transcription, or just typing out the text word for word, is one approach that is accessible to everyone. It is the most expensive choice, but it takes the longest. Not only do you need to write it, but you also need to modify and format it well.

Well, I can appreciate if you don't like the manual way, but there are alternative options you may try, such as:

There are various smartphone applications available nowadays that may be utilized for transcribing. Otter and Trint are two of the top smartphone transcribing applications.

The Best Video Transcription Software

When they initially appeared, transcription services developed significantly. The quality of transcribing services has significantly increased over time, and as I said before, there are many options available to you.

Here is a handful to take into account; if you'd like to give it a shot, many offer free trials.


Transcribing your audio as well as video files to text is made easier with Sonix. It offers regular, premium, and enterprise package options.

For smaller jobs, the regular package, which begins at $10 per hour, is appropriate. Teams should utilize Premium, which costs $5 per hour + $22 per user per month. You must contact the Sonix team for enterprise pricing.

35 languages, automatic subtitles, an SEO-friendly video media player and safe storage are among the features.


Fast, precise, and reasonably priced transcripts are offered by Scribie, a transcribing service. The organization employs a group of transcribers that are specialists in a variety of sectors, including academic, legal, and medical transcribing.

The business transforms audio transcriptions into text using its 40k transcribers. The price for automatic transcriptions begins at.10 cents per word, while hand transcriptions cost.80.

Pay-as-you-go, Pro, and Enterprise are the three available price tiers. Pro has annual and $9 monthly membership options. Contact sales for Enterprise subscription price.

The Best Ways to Use Your Video Documents to Improve SEO

In addition to enhancing your video, transcript creation offers more information that is advantageous for SEO.

Here are some pointers for utilizing transcripts to make your movies more search-engine-friendly:

Ensure that the words, as well as phrases you use, are pertinent to the subject matter of your film. For instance, you might put "tips for aging well" or "advice for aging well" if your site is about aging well.

During the transcript, use a range of terms and phrases. It is important to avoid using too many terms without sufficient context, a practice known as keyword stuffing.

When feasible, start phrases and paragraphs with your keywords.

To verify correctness, compare the transcript's accuracy against the audio track.

Transcripts for videos and accessibility

You should employ transcriptions as well as closed captions for your video for reasons other than SEO.

It seems to sense that the greater the audience for your material, the greater the potential reach of your message. Transcripts are helpful for the millions of individuals who are registered as deaf or have hearing impairments. Given that 61 million Americans live with a handicap, it's critical to take all reasonable steps to make spaces more accessible for them.

Websites have to be accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Transcripts are a tool for ADA compliance.

Even if there is considerable disagreement over the precise nature of regulatory obligations, there may be repercussions. Consequently, if you're uncertain, get clarification from a professional who is knowledgeable about the legislation.