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The Value of Multilingual SEO for Dubai Businesses
  • 11 Jul 2023

The Value of Multilingual SEO for Dubai Businesses

When it originates to search engine optimization (SEO), every business must make sure that the right languages are employed. Using a language that is not widely spoken in the nation they call home is the very last thing anybody wants to do. But what can individuals do in nations where many languages are used?

Multilingual SEO can help in this situation. In a location like Dubai, there are two widely used written and spoken languages. These two languages must be used by businesses to target the visitors and locals of Dubai.

Why Does Multilingual SEO Matter for Businesses?

Even though English is the most widely used language online, companies shouldn't utilize it exclusively. If customers employ several languages for their SEO requirements, a company's reputation will be favorable. Additionally, it will aid in luring additional clients.

What Two Languages Are Required?

Only 11.3% of people in Dubai are citizens, thus firms must employ English as one of their primary SEO languages. This is because it is one of the most common languages in the world, thus individuals must take advantage of that fact to draw in their intended audience.

Arabic is the second language that ought to be employed for SEO. Since many Emiratis visit Dubai, having Arabic on a website is a smart method to guarantee that they can utilize it.

Why Is Multilingual SEO Important for Businesses?

There are several reasons why companies should employ multilingual SEO for their website, company, and other components of their business, however, the following are some more detailed justifications:


Due to the popularity of Dubai as a travel destination, firms should have two languages available when implementing SEO on a website. When a consumer is seeking anything in Dubai, this will sound much better. A gold merchant is an example. All English speakers would be prevented from visiting the business if the gold seller's website exclusively offered Arabic content.

Local SEO

A wonderful strategy to guarantee that the company's website appears on more engines of search than rivals is to have an advantage in the local SEO market. The Google algorithm will be aided by the use of several languages internet for marketing content, website development, or other SEO methods.

Local businesses face intense online competition, but when a company employs both English and Arabic, buyers will notice this website first.

Worldwide SEO

Websites that support global SEO tactics will be promoted by all search engines. This is so that it can unite people. Businesses may reach a global audience and attract new clients from other countries by becoming multilingual. Arabic- and English-speaking individuals may be found all over the globe, therefore businesses should make an effort to appeal to them.

The Best Multilingual SEO Techniques

Three recommended practices for multilingual SEO that organizations may implement are as follows:

Dedicated URLs: 

Although the URL was the first thing a consumer sees, this is exactly where SEO efforts should start. Both English and Arabic should have their URLs so that Google may properly scoot, index, and rank them.

One Language Per Page:

Visible information is taken into account when determining rankings, thus businesses need to make sure that each URL only contains material in one language.

How Can Consumers See That SEO Is Completed on the Website?

Every business should make sure that clients can easily access the language option they desire after SEO is finished and a new customer arrives at a website. A clear button may be used to do this.


What are the advantages of multilingual SEO for businesses?

You instantly acquire a competitive advantage over rivals in your business by using multilingual SEO. You may reach customers from all around the globe with the aid of multilingual SEO. As a consequence, more visitors from various countries will visit your website.

Does being multilingual benefit SEO?

If you want to increase traffic and sales by translating the content of your website into different languages, multilingual SEO is the way to go. With your multilingual website, Semrush's suite of SEO tools may help you establish a strong SEO presence.

What Is Multilingual SEO, Exactly?

Multilingual SEO involves writing your website's content in many languages to make it searchable in emerging markets and accessible to visitors from across the world via natural search results.