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Basic Computing

Basic Computing

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: 10000

The best Basic Computer Course for teaching important computer skills to seniors, housewives, job seekers, and students. The most crucial Basic Computer Skills, which are necessary for all sorts of occupations and professions, will be taught to you via this course. After finishing this MS Office training in Hafizbad, you'll be able to do your everyday tasks for work, school, family, and company quickly and correctly. The Fundamentals of Computers, English Typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Software Installation, and Windows Installation are the topics covered in this Computer IT Course.

You'll be able to write documents, modify data, handle data calculations and management, create presentations and slide shows, communicate effectively, manage finances, use social media, type in English and Urdu, do online research, and more after completing this MS OFFICE Course.

It is highly advised that you must attend these computer short courses if you want to update and learn the Basics of Computer Courses in Hafizbad and want improvement in technical expertise, originality, and a desire to make the most of your free time at home. Your first step in the IT field and a crucial one for your career, company, and everyday life is this IT Basic Course in Hafizbad.

For beginners, adults, children, and elders, these are the Basic Computer Classes in Hafizbad. If you are looking for computer lessons for elders, family members, or friends, please feel free to share these courses with them. The Best Computer institute in Hafizbad is Solution Corridor, which offers top-notch instruction to help students learn how to use computers and the Internet for work, business, and career advancement.

Every learner should be familiar with the principles of computers. The foundations cover things like how computers operate, why we use them, how they are constructed, how the operating system functions, how input and output work, and what you can accomplish with an internet connection and a computer in your everyday life.

Students who have a very basic understanding of computers will find it easier to choose and research the ideal information technology degree program later on. They may gauge their interest in the subject of IT by learning the essentials of computers, the internet, programming, and web pages. Where they are interested in going and what prospects there are in the IT industry to advance their careers and make money. Therefore, before enrolling in any three- or four-year degree program, you must complete the Basic Computer Course in Hafizbad so that you may make an informed choice about your future job.

Computer Course Outline

Fundamental of Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Operating System (Win 7, 8, 10)

Software Installation

Computer operator, DEO, and KPO duties

Typing Skills (Typing Master)

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

Internet Usage

Windows Installation

Assistant in the office, assistant in accounts

What You Learn...

Custom Training Classes

A basic to the advanced training program is required. Where Functional Meets Flexibility. Choose from one of our pre-made alternatives or ask us to design a course just for you.

On-site customized training

To solve particular research issues or to standardize technical procedures, this might be very helpful.

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Our training programs provide students with an easy and flexible approach to studying for a group of learners.

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Our specialized training assures that the student will be prepared with the most recent methods to guarantee the outcomes.

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To prevent any shocks or unfavorable situations, we make sure to reveal the forthcoming trends of your chosen Computer Course.

Defining and Achieving Goals

This training informs and guarantees that you will define and accomplish the practical professional objectives.