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Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

Duration: 12 weeks

Fee: 35000

Fashion Designing Courses in Hafizabad

Fashion design is primarily the art of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing clothing. To put it precisely, fashion designers must thoroughly research their field of expertise to succeed. A brief course in fashion design would be beneficial and could give students the fundamentals for more in-depth training in the field of art and fashion design. The greatest fashion designing courses in Hafizabad are offered by Solution Corridor, so if you're seeking one, sign up now. These courses mostly address the art of manipulating attractive garments and other associated fashion accessories.

Following are the aims of this course:

to give aspirants in the fields of fashion, design, and the arts as many opportunities as possible to practice their craft in this enigmatic world.

The student's ability to grasp the main ideas and concepts of their related subject is enabled by this course.

This brief course would be ideal as an introductory course that led to studies focused on a particular career.

Executive short courses give participants the chance to learn at a high level of expertise and training.

Our Fashion Design course mentors are from primarily.

Fashion Designing Institute in Hafizabad

Solution Corridor is the best fashion designing institute in Hafizabad and would be the best choice for you if you want to become a great fashion designer and excel in this field because we offer the best fashion designing courses in Hafizabad.  The following are characteristics that set our institute apart:

The main focus of these classes is on understanding the creations of well-known fashion designers.

You will learn the fundamentals of fashion design from our instructors.

The aspirants would be able to determine whether or not this field would fit their career after receiving a thorough introduction to the fashion design course.

This field places a major emphasis on effective communication skills to boost students' self-esteem and improve their ability to communicate their views.

In a short amount of time, our fashion institute offers applicants experienced chances in the arts, fashion, and design.

Fashion Designing Course Outline

A fashion design degree should be considered by anybody interested in producing the materials used in both interior design and the fashion business. The course begins with an introduction to fashion drawing and design, followed by an analysis of the fundamentals of creating fashion assortments, such as fabric, color charts, etc., as well as the use of silhouettes, color palettes, appropriate fabrics, and financial considerations.

The second section of the course gives a comprehension of the principles of fashion design, formulation of original concepts, visual depiction of attractive designs, illustration methods, and assessment of emerging trends. The penultimate part, of course, comprises a comprehension of inspired subject selection and the construction of a collection portfolio.

Pattern making:

Students in this dress design course learn how to create their distinctive patterns using sewing machines. To create simple and complex dress patterns using computer-based design programs, they learn fundamental drafting techniques and body measurement techniques.


Students can manipulate fabric shapes and patterns using this technique. It focuses on contemporary design standards so that they can model their outfit in line with standards set by the industry.


It entails fitting a design according to the precise contour of the individual. Students learn how to press the final item, add pockets, and create collars and buttonholes.


In this course, students learn to examine various sorts of stitches, cloth, and their durability. Students can design fabric and patterns in a variety of styles using this method.

Sewing techniques:

In this subject, students learn the operation of sewing machines, different stitching patterns, and how to obtain accurate body measurements.

Dress designing:

The comprehension of numerous fashion trends is covered in this course. All these techniques are taught and then practiced by the student so they can gain experience.

Outcomes of the course:

Aspirants are competent at creating fundamental silhouettes and matching fabrics and colors.

Students can study how shifting patterns affect the collection.

Through project-based studies, learners will be able to make their designs as drawing skills and learn about texture, fabric, patterns creation, or garment making.