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Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Duration: 12 weeks

Fee: 50000

Graphic Designing Courses in Hafizabad:

What is Graphic Designing? It’s a vocabulary that uses images with typography compositions. We do it to encourage critical thinking and to share ideas. There are several methods to communicate by using visual computerization course instruments and systems. You should become familiar with each of these tools for effective communication. The company is evolving, and showcasing qualifications is increasing greater. We provide professional graphic design courses in Hafizabad to help students advance their careers. In addition, we provide online graphic design classes for students who prefer to learn the discipline online.

Why Learning Graphic Designing?

Solution Corridor as a graphic designing institute in Hafizabad is one of the best. We are delivering graphic design courses in Hafizabad that is extremely effective. Join us to study graphic design if you want to create a career or freelance business. Starting a company and marketing it are both incredibly successful uses of the graphic design training we provide. The main contents of our graphic design course are:

Logo design

Brand identity

Social media ads

Magazine Design

Banners, brochures, and Flyers

Web Designing

Web page, app, game, and theme design: UI design

Print Media (books, newspapers, catalogs, bulletins, etc.

Packaging design (labels, boxes, bottles, etc.)

Motion graphics (GIFs, animated logos, text animations, etc)



Video Editing

Digital illustrations for infographics, comics, t-shirt designs, etc.


Graphic Design Process:

A communication process is a graphic design. We may carry it out manually or using computer software. We employ design principles to make it appealing to the customer. It works well as a communication tool. We arrange text and images by using design components. In Hafizabad, there are several institutions for graphic designing. They only offer software training, which is unable to turn you into a designer. You should study design concepts if you want to become a graphic designer. Only design concepts and ideas are implemented using graphic design software. For comprehensive instruction to create original designs, we are offering the finest graphic design courses in Hafizabad. We cover all the principles and components of design. Professional graphic design courses must have the following topics:

Fundamentals of graphic design

Elements of graphic design

Importance of typography

Color Schemes and color psychology

History of Graphics Design

Objectives of a graphic designer

Courses objectives:

You should concentrate on developing your design sense as you learn graphic design. Numerous graphic artists are employed as software developers. The design process is unknown to them. You cannot succeed financially if you lack good design sense. If you want to become high, you should also have excellent programming order and structure awareness. Join Solution Corridor if you're seeking the top graphic design institute in Hafizabad. After our graphics design course, you will have learned the following:

They will be able to create their designs.

Students will gain skills for developing original concepts and ideas.

Different assignments will be given to foster design sensibility and original thought.

You will have complete control over the graphic design program.

The entire procedure for creating print media ads will be taught to the students.

You will learn how to create digital campaigns from us.

We will provide you with a thorough understanding of brand identity.

All participants will get thorough instruction in career development and freelancing.

Throughout the course, students will complete a variety of tasks and projects.

After the course, every student will have a creative portfolio.

Graphic Design Teachers:

The National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore has certified instructors. They are skilled designers and creators. Our all teachers have market experience. In this graphic design course, all professional skills can be taught. We are aware that field experience alone is insufficient. To prepare any pupil for the market, a teacher must have a master's degree at the very least. The graphic design courses we provide are quite successful.

All graphic design lessons are being performed by our skilled and trained experts. They are aware of market demands. The graphic design course material was created with the newest trends in mind. We deliver professional training on worldwide standards. Our graphic design institution is on top of delivering brief skills. Students from our graphic design program are employable by any business. With their abilities, they can compete with any qualified designers. Here are a few hallmarks of the instructors who teach our graphic design courses:

At least a master’s qualification

Minimum 5 years of professional experience


Possibility of providing expert instruction

Problem solvers

Very cooperative with pupils

Helping and supportive