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Web Designing

Web Designing

Duration: 8 weeks

Fee: 30000

The construction and upkeep of websites need a wide range of abilities, including web design. Web designing directly affects a website's aesthetic appeal. A branch of web development is web design. However, both phrases are often used in the same sentence. Layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content are only a few of the essential visual components that are used in web design.

Web Designing Course in Hafizabad teaches HTML5, CSS5, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Training will assist you in learning user interface design using HTML5 and CSS5, as well as layout design using Photoshop. The student will be able to create static websites as well as responsive e-commerce sites and web themes. The Best Web Design & Development Institute in Hafizabad is called Solution Corridor. Sign up right now to get certified.

Do you want to enroll in the top Web Designing Course? Do you want to build your own websites? Are you passionate about learning programming languages? Solution Corridor is the best option for web designing courses in Hafizabad if the answer to these questions is yes.

This course's main components are:

Basic web designing

Introduction to website designing

Web Server and Web Browser

Tools and Editors

Static website VS Dynamic website

Comparison of Different Languages and Tools



Elements & Attributes


Adding and formatting Paragraph Text

Formatting your website template

Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons to Your Website

Images and their usage

Image mapping

Tables and the many ways they are used in web design

Bulleted Lists and their professional Usage

Forms and Interface Designing

Creating custom colors using Color codes

Frames with professional implementation

Formatting text and using different Fonts

Using Meta tags, you may add information to pages for Google and other websites.

CSS 3.0

Different methods of creating styles

Different Coloring options

Creating and formatting professional Background Effects

Advance Text effects

Positioning objects with different Display levels

The CSS Box model

Working with Floats

Using Borders with different effects

Understanding CSS Outline

Working with Margins and Padding

Professional usage of Lists

Using the z-index

Creating complex website layouts

Color Gradients

Making a CSS drop-down menu of your own

Animations using CSS 3.0

Responsive Website Designs using CSS 3.0

Using Custom Fonts in your website designs

Creating different themes for your website

Flexbox with examples


Coding conventions

Embedding JavaScript in HTML

Usage of variables in your program

Statements, operators, and relational expressions

Using Loops (while and for)

Arrays and their uses

Working with Events

Popup windows

Creating custom slider

Defining and invoking functions

Runtime style using DHTML

CSS class switching

Creating and removing HTML contents in Run-Time

Simple Animation using JavaScript

JavaScript-based professional form validation methods (small project)

Creating basic animation using JavaScript (mini project)

Professional Form validation effects (mini project)

Optimization Techniques

Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

Fixing issues with JS and CSS

Google Friendly programming techniques

Smart phone friendly programming techniques

Search Engine Optimization Basics


Understanding bootstrap grid system

Creating responsive layouts

Bootstrap Typography

Bootstrap Tables

Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Buttons

Bootstrap Messages

Bootstrap Navbar

Bootstrap Dropdown Menus

Bootstrap Alerts

Bootstrap Pagination

Bootstrap List groups

Bootstrap Wells

Bootstrap Slider

Working with image galleries

Using different themes

Working with Font Awesome

Project: Using Bootstrap, build a fully responsive website layout.

React JS 

Basics of one famous javascript framework

React Components

React Router

React state

8) cPanel and Uploading

The basic working of cPanel

Uploading Website

Creating Email IDs

Checking website metrics

Method of Delivery

Lecture = 25%

Computer Lab = 75%

Award Criteria

If students meet the basic standards listed below, Solution Corridor will offer them a certificate:

Web designt Class Attendance: 75%

Project grades for developing a website: 80%

Grading Method

The final project, classwork, and assignments are used to determine a student's grade.