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 10 Best Free Image Compressor Tools to Reduce Image Size
  • 05 Feb 2023

10 Best Free Image Compressor Tools to Reduce Image Size

You've probably wanted to lower the size of your files several times but have not apprehended how. Don't be concerned. Many free image compressor software allows you to achieve this, albeit you may require some skill in some circumstances. However, you may also locate programs that are simple to use.

If you operate a blog or a website, you are conscious that it is frequently essential to compress photographs further than a simple size modification. By lowering them, you are assisting in the optimization of the website's loading speed, ensuring that the visitor does have an enjoyable surfing experience.

In addition, Google has indicated that Core Web Vital had used ranking signals beginning in May 2021 as part of an upgrade that will also merge current user experience-related signals with Page Speed. To boost page performance, you must also optimize pictures.

As a result, image compressor programs that assist you to minimize the size of the photos are essential. They will not only make your task easier, but they could take longer in specialist programs. They will also assist you in improving the appearance of your website.

Tiny PNG

Are you seeking a quick and easy image compressor? Tiny PNG is the right choice for you. You drag whatever best image compressor online you want to decrease on the screen, and Panda will compress it automatically.

It has a high quality/size ratio and retains transparency after compression. However, it doesn't function with images more significant than 5 Mb. It also does not enable previews or adjustments because it compresses automatically.

Jpeg compression

I like the last one, which allows you to compress 20 photographs for free while maintaining the best image compressor software quality. The usefulness thanks to this technology, we can preview the outcome beforehand. Furthermore, you may change the compression levels, which adds value.

Although it's a viable option, you should be aware that it may get overly crowded with advertisements. However, if it does not worry you, this is still a tremendous tool for working with the photographs on your website. - Image Compression Made Simple

This image compressor application can compress pictures in JPG optimizer, PNG, GIF, & SVG formats, making it a relatively comprehensive alternative. Furthermore, it reduces photos without sacrificing information, allowing you to compress them by up to 90%. Most importantly, it is simple to use.

Do you wish to change the compression settings? It's relatively simple; drag the mouse to select the compression level. However, only allows you to compress one picture at a time & it has a maximum image size of 10Mb.

Kraken is a lightning-fast image optimizer and compressor.

That is one of the most customizable image compression programs available. It supports three compression modes:

·         Loosy

·         Lossless.

·         Expert.

You may also minimize an endless number of photographs as long as the file size does not exceed 1 MB. It offers a professional edition that allows you to upload shots of up to 32 MB in size. You may also adjust & edit the size of the photographs, which you can import through Dropbox like Google Drive.

Optimizilla - Image Optimizer Online

Optimizilla is one of the cesium image compressor programs for reducing the size of your images. It's like the other ones is quite simple to use & does not degrade image quality. You also could compress and download 20 files at a time in ZIP format.

One of its most intriguing features is the ability to adjust the compression threshold from zero to 100 while downloading. Furthermore, you can see on the mesh how the final product will differ from the original.

Google's Image Compressor Squoosh

Squoosh, Google's image compression tool, is a comparable option to the previous one. It is also incredibly simple to use: you drag & drop the image you want to minimize. If you tend to favor, you can upload an image from your desktop computer by clicking "Select an appearance".

It also allows you to view the original picture and the result side by side, qualifying you to compare the two. If that lived enough, you can also choose the amount of quality you desire (from 0 to 100) and choose between numerous export formats.

I Love IMG.

Analyzing a more feature-rich image compressor software/tool? Then you should check out I Love IMG. You may use it to make minor edits, compress, convert, resize, and crop your photographs. It is unusual because it can comprehend up to 60 photos at a very juncture, with no weight restrictions.

·         It supports JPG, PNG, & GIF image types and allows you to browse and upload images from the PC or utilize ones from Google Drive and Dropbox. It is interesting to note that it may be used without registration, yet, the recording provides additional benefits such as increasing your image weight limit.

·         Increase your image editing capacity.

Image Smaller - Image Compressor Online

Image Smaller may help you reduce photos in a combination of image formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, & TIFF. It is also online & for a free image compressor. Merely search for it on your browser & upload any photo you wish to edit.

It decreases the size of the image by approximately 90% while maintaining quality. Accepts files up to 50Mb in size. Although it doesn't allow you to modify, you need not be concerned because its auto work is pretty good and completes in a couple of seconds.

Image Conversion

Reducing is another comprehensive alternative for compressing your photographs. You may also export them to a hybrid of formats, including BMP, GIF, ICO, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, and TIF. Its functioning is unduly simple.

You can also select the type of compression techniques from 1 to 100. You may afterward get the image in a format of your choice.

ImageOptim - Improves Page Loading

Free image Optimizer is already in charge of bringing our list of the top ten image compression tools to a close. It is a far more professional tool for compressing photographs without sacrificing quality. On their website, they guarantee that by clutching the photos, your web page will load more quickly.

This is accomplished via the service of contemporary and bespoke encoders authorizing them to customize the compression ratios for each image. It's sufficient to render images on the website with a 15% upload of the file, giving the appearance of a much quicker load.


No question that selecting a tool to assist you to examine the number of your images is difficult. You'll see that they all ensure usability as functionality.

Tinypng and Optimzilla are two image compression programs that I present. I've utilized these services for a long time, they help to minimize picture size.