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 What the New Google Search Essentials Tells Us about SEO
  • 25 Jan 2023

What the New Google Search Essentials Tells Us about SEO

Do you know why the Google search essential for SEO Webmaster Guidelines is?

It has been there for a while (up to now) and defied google SEO checker rules of thumb.

However, it was dated. As a result, Google supplanted it with Search Essentials, which introduced an entirely new set of criteria for SEO success.

Much of it is ambiguous, much like the previous Webmaster Guidelines, but they provide you with certain information that will be useful for search engine optimization examples.

Scripted content:

They devote a great deal of time to discussing automated content. It also makes understanding given the abundance of tools that offer AI-generated copy.

To give us an idea, over 20,000 users use our Ubersuggest service all day, and we even provide AI stuff as part of it.

But I've been one of the most vocal opponents of AI-based media because no matter which tool you choose to employ, none of them is enough to take the position of a person.

Instead, you may utilize them to get a jumpstart, but a human is permanently needed to edit the information to improve it and inject some originality into the work.

If you want to rank high utilizing your content marketing efforts, you only have a few excellent options:

·         Own content creation

·         Spend money on content creation.

·         Create material using an AI tool, and then diligently edit it with a human.

Google search console also recently unveiled the beneficial content update, which explains that you should concentrate on generating material for people rather than Google to stress the implication of high-quality content.

Here is what Google said about AI-written material that they don't like (bearing in mind that Google also included this in the Google search Essentials for SEO spam section):

·         Unintelligible writing that nonetheless includes search terms

·         The automated translation of text without human inspection or editing before publication

·         Text produced by automatic procedures, with little consideration for quality or the user experience

·         Text produced by mechanical systems for paraphrasing, synonymizing or obscuring

·         Integrating or stitching together material from many web pages without providing enough value

Content formats:

 Less than 20% of teenagers, per the American Psychological Association, read a book, magazine, or newspaper day after day. However, more than 80% claim to use social media every day.

Gen Z is now beginning to choose Tiktok online search over Google, which should be a small frightening for Google.

So, how has Google Analytics changed? They also posted shorts on YouTube, which has over a billion subscribers as of right now.

Additionally, they have started experimenting with including these short videos in their search results. Ensure Google can quickly identify and index the various types of content you provide for your website.

They outline how you might aid Google in comprehending the kind of content you are making in Search Essentials. Although this is nothing new, the respect they are stressing demonstrates their understanding that what is SEO and how it works will involve more than just text-based content in the future and that they will need websites to assist them.

Regional SEO:

Google makes a few points that also have an impact on local SEO.

Although they didn't just say it, it is partially for local search engine optimization techniques. They do not want customers to keyword items, as seen in the following examples:

·         Telephone directory lists with little additional value

·         Use identical phrases or terms so frequently that it becomes jarring

Many businesses have several locations. Or, when they only have one physical site, they often establish pages for each nearby city or area. They may increase their SEO traffic with this method.

On each of those sites, they frequently employ comparable blocks of text that include similar keywords, with a tiny adjustment made by the new city- or region-specific material.

Those pages accomplish to provide anything new. They live only to capture traffic from those looking for local results on search engine optimization.

You'll probably notice Google stepping up its enforcement in the upcoming.

You must add extra value if you intend to establish multiple accounts in every city that our business services.

For instance, I would want to construct city-specific websites if I had a rooftop solar installation and servicing business that catered to Los Angeles, California.