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200+ Free Guest Posting Sites List to Increase Traffic and Backlinks – 2023
  • 21 Feb 2023

200+ Free Guest Posting Sites List to Increase Traffic and Backlinks – 2023

An easy way to dramatically increase link building & traffic to the blog is by producing content for other blogs. In contrast hand, it makes your website more credible. By posting on well-known websites in your industry, free guest posting sites help you increase your visibility.

As you are already aware, there are different methods available for effective link-building. Additionally, it can support the development of solid, long-lasting relationships.

But it can be difficult and time-consuming to find reliable free guest posting sites in the USA. So that you can easily find them and email them with a guest posting proposal, we're going to share a list of the best DA PA blogger sites across all niches in this post.

Sites for Guest Posting

We have organized the webpage list through niche to make everything simple find the free guest posting and guest blogging websites that are relevant to your niche. So, you can go straight to the list of free guest posting sites list 2023 for your particular.

So let's start with blogs that deal with SEO.

SEO-specific guest posting websites

o   Search Engine Land   

o   Search Engine Watch

o   Search Engine Roundtable    

o   Serpstat Blog 

o   Mangools Blog          


o   EZ Rankings  

o   SEO Sandwitch          

o   Seomator        

o   ETI     

o   SEO reseller   

o   SEO Scout     

o   4 SEO Help    

o   SEO Calling   

o   loveseat          

o   Biz Glide        

o   EZ Rankings  

o   Seomator        

o   Linkody          

o   Jeffbullas’s Blog        

Sites for Guest Posting in the Blogging Sector

The guest blogging sites are:

o   Webinars        

o   Authority Hacker       

o   John Chow     

o   MakeWebBetter         

o   Cyber Chimps

o   WayToidea    

o   Pepper Content          

o   All Blogging Tips      

o   Search Engine People

o   Make a Living Writing          

o   Magnet4Blogging      

o   Desk Time     

o   Miles Web     

o   TechNumero

o   Outreach Monks        

o   Blogging Wizard       

o   Wordable       

o   Blog Paws      

o   Copyblogger  

o   Solvid

Websites for Guest Posting in the Technology and Gadgets Sector

The free guest posting sites are:

o   Wired 

o   Mashable       

o   Tech Crunch  

o   ZDNet

o   Engadget        

o   The Verge      

o   Computer       

o   Computer World        

o   CIO    

o   Network World          

o   Gigaom          

o   Tech Republic

o   Recode           

o   Read Write     

o   GSM Arena    

o   Apple Insider 

o   FeedsPortal    

o   New Atlas      

o   Geek   

o   Geek Wire     

o   The Inquirer   

o   TMC Net

o   CSO Online   

o   Manning         

o   Hack A Day   

o   iMore 

o   Opensource    

o   Trip Wire       

o   TG Daily        

o   SC Magazine 

o   Silicon Angle 

o   GFI     

o   ARS Technica

o   Lifewire         

o   CBR Online   

o   Computing     

o   Techno Buffalo          

o   Technically    

o   iLounge          


o   Redmond Pie 

o   Droid Life      

o   Techopedia    

o   Tech Vibes     

o   Green Bot      

o   Tech Node     

o   Android Guys

o   Technology Tell        

o   Addictive Tips

Bogging Sites in the Digital Marketing & Social Media Niche at Tech Engage          

The free Budapest site list is:

o   Adweek          

o   Hootsuite       

o   Advertising Age         

o   Shopify          

o   Search Engine Land   

o   HubSpot         

o   Media Post     

o   Copy Blogger

o   Content Markteting Institute 

o   Search Engine Watch

o   BigCommerce

o   Social Media Examiner         

o   Marketing Land         

o   Crazy Egg      

o   ClickZ

o   Get Response 

o   KissMetrics    

o   Social Media Today  

o   Search Engine Journal           

o   Campaign Live          

o   Econsultancy 

o   SEMRush       

o   Marketing Profs         

o   ECWID          

o   Smart Insights

o   Wordstream   

o   Optimizely     

o   Search Engine Roundtable    

o   The Drum       

o   Benchmark Email

o   CMO  

o   Outbrain         

o   CoSchedule    

o   PSFK  

o   DM News       

o   Social Media Week   

o   Practical E-commerce

o   Cognizant Blog          

o   Infusion Soft  

o   CMS Wire     

o   iMedia Connection    

o   Pole Position Marketing        

o   Mobile Marketer        

o   Contently       

o   PR Daily        

o   Retail Dive     

o   Feedster         

o   Social Media Explorer           

o   Duct Tape Marketing

o   Elearning Industry     

o   Sumome

o   Woorank        

o   B2B Marketing          

o   Conversion XL          

o   Advanced Web Ranking        

o   Post Planner   

o   EcontentMag 

o   Dlvrit 

o   Solvid 

o   Bloominari     

o   VTNS Solutions

Sites for Guest Posts in the Food Sector

o   Kitchen          

o   Muscle & Fitness       

o   Lifehack         

o   One Green Planet      

o   Mogul

o   Elephant Journal        

o   Food Tank      

o   Food Safety News      

o   FirstCry Parenting     

o   The Art of Living Foundation

o   VegNews       

o   the Disney food blog 


o   Simple as That Blog  

o   Paleohacks     

o   MomDot        

o   The Sensitive Pantry  

o   Sustainable Food Trust          

o   Life in Norway          

o   So Good Blog

o   Kalou And Cook        

o   Food Stuff Mall         

o   Hawker Street Food   

o   The Master Cleanse   

o   The Writing Cooperative       

o   Qfoodtravel    

o   EndZoneScore

o   Cultural Weekly        

o   BargainBriana

o   Gather Baltimore       

o   Foodiewish – Easy Recipes for you  

o   Pockets           

o   F and B Recipes         

o   Deepadvices  

o   FamilyCorner

o   Guiding Stars 

o   Young and Raw         

o   My Tartelette 

o   Cooking Panda          

o   Midlife Boulevard     

o   Food Bloggers of Canada      

o   The Sunken Chip       

o   Overland Journal       

o   Untrained Housewife 

o   I Like Food    

o   Cool of the Wild        

o   Mexican Food Journal           

o   Only Gluten Free Recipes     

o   Naked Food Magazine          

o   Gina   

o   Open Food Network  

o   Food For Fitness        

o   Tucson’s Best Restaurants    

o   FamilyNano   


o   Wear and Cheer         

o   The Momiverse          

o   CWEB

o   Thrive Cuisine

o   Branchfood    

o   Fit n Diets      

o   The Culinary Travel Guide    

o   Advanced Mixology  

o   BarbequeLovers         

o   The Culinary Travel Guide    

o   Naughty Nutrition     

o   Hint Mama     

o   Mama Testa Taqueria

o   Just Beet It     

o   Laravel Recipes         

o   SEEN Magazine        

o   Great Body & Skin    

o   NewZNew      

o   Fruitful Kitchen         

o   RailRestro      

o   Foods From Africa    

o   Camping Cooks         

o   Indian Recipes


o   The Jewish Hostess    

o   FoodUnfolded

o   Food Well Said          

o   Edible Vancouver      

o   Nutriplanet     

o   Grill For Life 

o   Eat Move Hack          

o   JosephineDC  

o   Outdoor Happens Homestead

o   Travel for Food Hub  

o   Real Energy Food      

o   The Art of Food Blog

o   IndustryEats   

o   Survival Cooking       

o   UnwedHouseWifeBlog         

o   Chief Health  

o   Scottish Mum