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6 Best Time Tracking Software Options
  • 27 Feb 2023

6 Best Time Tracking Software Options

As many business models bill clients by the hour, keeping track of your time is essential to running a successful company. Consumers want receipts to contain this information, therefore you'll require time-tracking software.

There are indeed a lot of competitors to select from, just as in the majority of the software sector. I have thus put up a list of top time-tracking programs for 2023.

Time tracking software: what is it?

Businesses may keep track of when their staff does certain jobs using time-tracking software. This data might be general and only list the hours worked, or it can be highly particular and list every job completed in a certain period.

The Top Time-Tracking Applications

Time Quickbooks

A fantastic time-tracking tool that is just focused on time monitoring is QuickBooks Time (formerly known as TSheets). Because it is browser-based, this software can be used on any device as well as even has a specific mobile app, which is something that many companies need.

The integration with QuickBooks as well as other Intuit products is complete as well.

Quickbook Time is aware that the smartphone app is essential for many organizations' daily operations. Employees may use the mobile app to monitor their location while on the shift in addition to punching in as well as out on the move.

QuickBooks Time's advantages include

·         Quickly identify those who are working or on shift.

·         Configure it to produce payroll reports as well as export them in a variety of formats.

·         See in real-time how many hours the staff is putting in.

Quickbooks cost Date

Starting at $20 a month + $8 per user, the Premium plan

beginning at $40 per month + $10 for each user, the Elite plan

Switch Track

You wouldn't believe the wonderful free time tracking tools out there, but Toggl Track ranks among them. The free plan offers everything you would want from a time-tracking software, while there are pricier packages for those who want a more feature-rich choice.

As a result, it is the ideal choice for startups trying to save a little money.

·         Gains from Toggl Track

·         allows you to establish mandatory fields so that all information must be filled

·         Employees who have not submitted their times should get an email notification.

·         The mobile app allows you to stay connected while on the road.

Toggl Track cost

·         Five users are supported under the Free plan.

·         Entry-level plans cost $9 per month per user.

·         Premium packages begin at $18 monthly per user.

·         Upon request, enterprise alternatives are available.


Hubstaff is among the most popular time-tracking programs for small to medium organizations. It is inexpensive, has strong time-tracking capabilities, and provides other features like payroll and HR assistance.

It is important to note that there is an offer unique, but owing to its restrictions, the best time-tracking software for small businesses cannot use it effectively.

As a result, you can customize the event interval and be sure to know precisely what your workers are looking at any given moment. Employees are thus less inclined to take a rest and browse Facebook while on the job.

Hence, in addition to helping you keep track of your time, this also makes sure that it is being used efficiently.

Advantages of Hubstaff:

·         The mobile application allows for geolocation to monitor the best personal time tracking app (on shift)

·         Setting up a team schedule is simple.

·         Observe project expenditure and development

Hubstaff costs:

·         A free program is offered

·         Basic packages begin at $7 per month per user (min 2 users)

·         Premium packages begin at $10 monthly per user (min 2 users)

·         Enterprise plans begin at $20 monthly per user (min 2 users)


Go no further than Harvest if you're searching for a superior moment solution for small teams. You may control the time spent on it, how money is spent, the expected amount of time left, and share confidential data in one place with the best time tracking software free, which was created for collaborative projects.

You must buy Harvest Forecast if you want to use Harvest for team scheduling regularly. This will make it simple for you to create employee schedules for your company and completely include them in the standard Harvest app.

One is used for project time monitoring, while the other is used for scheduling.

Advantages of Harvest:

·         includes integrations for Slack and Asana

·         Each schedule has a different hue.

The cost of harvest:

·         There is a single-user free plan.

·         The Pro plan costs $12 monthly for each seat.

Time Physician

Time Doctor is yet another superb option to take into account. You can manage time tracking both for projects and work schedules with this program. Moreover, it offers a variety of schedule view choices that may be used to identify schedule gaps.

As a result, you are monitoring your time and making sure it is being used effectively. It's important to note that before you can start recording time, you must install either the desktop application or the Chrome extension.

While the time tracking app for personal use also offers GPS tracking, other platforms are more effective at it.

Advantages of Time Doctor:

·         You can make invoices using the app.

·         The anticipated time for setup is 10 minutes for administrators and 3 minutes for workers.

·         prevents workers from working double shifts

Time Cost, Doctor:

·         Basic plans begin at $7 monthly.

·         Monthly rates for basic plans start at $10.

·         Beginning monthly at $20 are premium plans.


RescueTime, which combines a time-tracking program with a work-monitoring tool, brings our list to a close. Employees just download the RescueTime program on their devices, which records their computer activity while it is in use.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that certain employees may need you to communicate with social media platforms. So, if the sites are not business-centric, you can get inaccurate data. Google Calendar is also integrated with this tool.

By utilizing the app, you may also set aside time for focused work.

Gains from RescueTime:

·         View a breakdown of focused and unfocused time

·         Submit the reports to the employers so that you may be paid for your time.

·         works in the background on your computer

The cost of the rescue:

·         There is a free, restricted version available.

·         Starting at $12 per month or $78 per year are premium options.