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6 Proven Ways to Engage Blog Readership in 2023
  • 14 Feb 2023

6 Proven Ways to Engage Blog Readership in 2023

Users created a website for your business, regularly posted excellent content, and closely monitored analytics. However, visitors spend little time on the page, and bounce rates are expanded for various reasons. Additionally, you might know how to grow your blog traffic doesn’t seem to convert.

According to studies, only 55% of website visitors read articles for more than 15 seconds. This means that if you're only focusing on your visitor count, you're only seeing a small part of the big picture and not spending enough attention on reader engage blogs, which makes a blog genuinely successful.

Realize Who Your Audience Is

You should start by gaining a thorough understanding of your target audience. Although it might seem obvious, many content producers skip this step. Following a particular identification of your audience, you can take two crucial actions:

·         Determine the books they want to read.

·         Place that information in a location that is simple for them to find.

Consider yourself to be an expert on your audience, but aren't entirely sure? See our article on the most inventive ways to understand your audience.

Use your email list, even if it just has a few hundred contacts—one it's of the most valuable resources you get at your disposal. Assuming that list accurately represents your entire potential audience, conduct some research, contact your contacts, and ask them questions to learn more about who those are and what they enjoy reading.

Asking their current readers the following queries will give person clear cues on how to proceed:

·         What age are you?

·         Where do you call home?

·         What kind of work do you do?

·         Where do you prefer to read the news?

·         Which social network do you prefer?

·         What kinds of content are your favorites? Podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.

·         What subjects do you want us to write about on our blog?

These inquiries are only a good place to start because they are relatively obvious. You can modify your strategic plan to sufficiently suit the demands and claims of your audience once you identify it as being primarily composed of 30-45-year-olds who reside in urban areas, take a job in tech, predominantly are using LinkedIn, and relax podcasts, and videos on subjects like current news and technological innovation.

Make your content appealing.

That advice, however, does not apply to your content. It applies to many other things. You shouldn't assume that website visitors will read everything that is presented to them. The fact is, people, judge how to promote a blog free based on its appearance.

Therefore, it's critical to have a distinct post style. Readers will stay on your blog longer if it appears well-organized and professional. Additionally, they will consume more content the further you get them on the page.

You should conduct the following when creating your post style:

·         Typeface/Font Design

·         Creating Links

·         Scheme of colors

·         Pictures/Captions

·         Arrangements

·         Dividers

·         Icons

Simplify and Divide the Text

Reading long passages of text deters readers from engaging with your blog because most blog visitors only read an article for a brief period. You will know how to grow a blog from scratch.

Modern digital readers prefer information that is digestible in small, manageable chunks. You can assess how able to read your sections are with the help of Yoast SEO, a fantastic WordPress plugin.

Use headings and lists, as color and unlike text effects, to spice up your posts. This makes it easier for readers who skim articles to quickly understand the main points, raising the amount of subject matter they'll read.

Finally, avoid using filler text and focusing too much on a single idea. Your audience will become bored if you drone on or lecture to them, and boredom raises bounce rates.

Make your content appealing to the eye

Even if your couple is cracked up, reading too much content can occasionally be overwhelming. This is particularly valid if you're giving the reader several technical details. The information would be boring to someone outside the field matter how you presented it.

Consider incorporating images, videos, or participatory visual design into text content if you're concerned that might happen.

Up to 94% that much views are generated by content on the engage blog entries. Charts, graphs, or conceivably even effects can support to clarify your points and improve the readability of your writing. Just remember to refrain from including stock images in your post merely for the sake of doing so.

Increase the loading time

Individuals who access the internet are impatient, it's a fact of life. 40% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

The amount of loading time matters. In truth, Facebook recently declared they would give the Facebook Google News preference to publishers and promotional blog examples with quicker load times. Therefore, if the site is slow, there is less chance that potential readers will find your content by accident.

Maintaining said that, you can take steps to speed up your website’s loading. Think about where your website or blog is hosted online, for instance. Use WordPress yourself? The sole purpose of businesses identical to Pagely, which manages Managed WordPress Hosting, is to help you speed up and enhance the performance of your website.

Adapt Your Website to Mobile Readers

For possibly the first period ever, desktop internet usage was surpassed by mobile in 2016.

Making sure that your site or blog is "responsive" is one idea, but it's the only first step to a great mobile user experience. In actuality, this is when many businesses stop believing that by making their sites "responsive," they have already optimized them for mobile usage.

Google claims that 61% of users become less likely to visit a movable site even after having trouble navigating it. This implies that you're losing readers if your text is difficult to read on how to promote a blog on google. if your images accomplish load flawlessly, or if it takes a few seconds for your formatting to adjust toward the mobile screen.


I can't emphasize enough how important quality is when it involves content marketing.

I do support long-form articles, yes. Heck, I frequently discuss it.

But you need to do more than just write 3,000 words of nonsense and expect it to be read because of its large word count.

Quantity is less significant than quality. But if you combine the two, you'll win the content war.