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Adobe Illustrator graphic design software tool
  • 27 Mar 2023

Adobe Illustrator graphic design software tool

Adobe Illustrator graphic is a drawing, illustration, and artwork creation best graphic design software application for Windows and MacOS computers. Illustrator was first made available in 1987; it is still regularly updated, and it is now a part of both the Creative Cloud offering from Adobe.

Illustrator is widely used to create high-quality artwork by art directors, web designers, creative people, and professional illustrators all over the planet. Illustrator includes a superabundance of sophisticated sketch tools that could help you save time when creating illustrations.

Adobe Illustrator Applications

Various digital & printed images, such as cartoons, charts, diagrams, statistics, logos, & illustrations, are produced using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator allows users to import an image & was using it as a guide to reveal a component in the photograph.

It may be utilized to recolor or develop a sketch-like look for a portrayal. Illustrator also lets you manipulate text in a combination of ways, making it an excellent tool for attempting to create postcards, banners, and perhaps other visual designs that combine text and images.

Illustrators' capacity for setting text together around graphs design tools is quite reasonable for painters creating logos. Illustrator can additionally be employed to create mock-ups of websites and icons for use within apps.

Creative Cloud and Illustrator

Although it can be licensed separately, Illustrator is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. Since Illustrator is a component of the Creative Cloud, it could use to share artwork with other Adobe Creative Cloud programs like After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

Users frequently start with an Illustrator-created piece of art before importing something into Photoshop after or during Effects, for instance. An image created in Illustrator can also be exported to InDesign and then included in a publication.

To make an animation of an Illustrator image, users can also export the image to After Effects. A final design could be put together by combining text, illustrations, and even the imported image after artwork imported from Photography into Illustrator.

Vector Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

The fact that such quality of artwork produced with Adobe Illustrator graphics is distinct from something like the display resolution is one of its key points. That means that an Illustrator image can be inflated or reduced without compromising image quality.

That is a characteristic of vector art, which employs mathematical ideas to describe the arcs, lines, and other elements of an illustrator's creations. Photographs are edited with tools like Adobe Photoshop, on the different hand, pixel-pitch image quality degrades as an image is enlarged. A digital image is a collection of polygons that thus compose the picture, which is made up of vectors.

What exactly is Illustrator CC?

The version of Illustrator that is accessible via Adobe's cloud-based subscription service, Creative Cloud, is known as Illustrator CC. Illustrator v17, the precursor to Illustrator CC, was created and available in 2013. Since that time, each iteration of Illustrator CC was already generally referred to those as Illustrator CC thus & so, where — indicates which year it was released. Release.

Illustrator File Formats That Can Be Saved

Because Illustrator can create & modify vector images, it extra has to save files in SVG formats. geometric visual effects (SVG), Portable File Type (PDF), Crystallized Coda (EPS), Windows Metafile (WMF), and Scalar Markup Language (VML) are a few of these formats, and they are described in more detail below:






Illustrator can save and export files in a variety of formats.

Illustrator can also save files in the following formats:

AutoCAD Design (dwg)

AutoCAD Exchange (dxf)

Enhanced Metafile for BMP (bmp) (emf)

Flash (SWF)



PICT for Macintosh

Photoshop (PSD)


Targa (tga)

Format of Text (text)

TIFF (tif)

Illustrator can import the following file formats:

Illustrator can import the following file types and place them in layouts or artwork:

Adobe (fxg)

Illustrator by Adobe (ai, ait)

Interchange Format for AutoCAD (dxf)

AutoCAD Design (dwg)


Metadata for Computer Graphics (cgm)

CorelDraw (cdr) (cdr)

Metafile Enhancement (emf)

Freehand (fh7, fh8, fh9, fh10, fh11, ft11) (fh7, fh8, fh9, fh10, fh11, ft11)

JPEG and GIF (jpg, jpe, jpeg)

PICT for Macintosh (pic, pct)

Microsoft RTF (Rich Text Format) (rtf)

Word for Windows (doc, docx)


Photoshop (PSD, PDD)

Pixar (pxr)

PNG (png)

Targa (tga, vda, icb, vst)

TIFF Text (txt) (tif, tiff)