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Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services
  • 27 Feb 2023

Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services

No doubt: Maintaining a website is challenging

From content development to administration to site upkeep through upgrades, there are several areas to concentrate on. Without even mentioning security, you don't want your website to be hacked.

The good news would be that WordPress maintenance may relieve users of some of their responsibilities by keeping their websites current while freeing up their time.

These services assist and may assist with issues like site backups, theme changes, and website outages.

To assist you in getting started, I've compiled a list of top WordPress administration and maintenance services.

Review of WP Buffs: The Best for Site Security

For people who desire complete assurance of the security of their website, WP Buffs seems to be a top maintenance service. Customers that buy the service will have access to the iThemes Security plugin, which is regarded as one of the top security plugins on the market.

The plugin exists to safeguard a website from harmful viruses and spam, but it is also helpful for its cache function, which speeds up a site's loading time—something that is essential for high rankings.

For further security, users may use WP Buffs to back up and save their whole website in the cloud.

The Best for Agencies: GoWP Review

GoWP is the perfect WordPress upkeep solution for businesses and web designers. GoWP can fully help you whether you wish to grow your workforce or outsource more of your services.

It markets itself as a fair-skinned solution that enables an agency to add its branding as well as SOPs on top of the maintenance services GoWP offers, making it seem as if those operations are now a part of the agency's back end.

With a white-label approach, GoWP can construct a dedicated mailbox utilizing a domain, respond to any email requests for assistance, and give customers a white-labeled dashboard.

Additional strong capabilities of GoWP include:

·         Endless content revisions

·         Responsible account manager (premium)

·         WordPress developer with a passion (premium)

·         Daily malware removal and security checks

·         Assistance desk with a white label

Review of FixRunner: The Best for Technical Support

For specialized technical help, FixRunner is a fantastic option.

Depending on the plan you choose, the service offers monthly support time ranging from 90 minutes - four hours, and if you want more assistance, it is accessible.

This support time may be used for a variety of site modifications, such as thorough debugging, speed enhancements, and more.

FixRunner's 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which gives a complete refund with no questions asked if you're dissatisfied with the service, really pleased me.

Moreover, FixRunner gives

·         Optimization of speed

·         Core changes for WordPress

·         Changes to plug-ins and themes

·         Monitoring of progress

·         Security checkups

The Best among E-commerce Business Owners: Valet Review

For those that manage online businesses, Valet ought to be the first option.


It's a thorough service that offers manual updates, uptime tracking, security scanning, and thorough reviews of checkout operations, all of which strive to guarantee that everything is working well for your clients.

Some noteworthy items include:

·         Code reviews

·         Analyses and reports

·         Remediation improving website accessibility

·         Five hours or more each month of devoted assistance

Valet's initial premium plan is $300 each month and comes with two hours of assistance. At $750 per month and five hours of specialized help each month, the professional plan is a good option for businesses with more extensive requirements.

The Best for Speed Optimization: SiteCare Review

My top recommendation for improving site performance is SiteCare.

This is the best option if you want a company that will optimize a website so that it loads as soon as possible.

Before starting to work, SiteCare examines elements of a site that might be causing a slowdown. This may be caused by anything from inadequately optimized graphics to problematic plugins or the caliber of a web host.

When that is finished, the service employs some best practices, gradually improving the website's flaws until it is responsive and effective.

The following are the benefits that SiteCare provides to customers:

·         Cleaning up hacks

·         Regular backups

·         Real-time observation

·         Updates to themes and plugins

·         Optimizing for mobile

Review of the WP Butler: The Best for Bespoke Plans

Want just a portion of a service? Since consumers may alter their service package, The WP Butler is distinctive.

For instance, you could not need anything extra and only want caching and performance gains.

The WP Butler furthermore has the following features:

·         Recurring site reviews

·         Monitoring of progress

·         A retainer for 30 minutes of the design stage

·         Emergency site cleanup

·         Plugin settings for security

How I Searched for the Best WordPress Management and Maintenance Services

There are primarily two methods used to contract out WordPress administration and maintenance.

One option is to purchase a managed WordPress web hosting package, in which case the provider will handle the majority of the technical labor involved in maintaining WordPress websites. Moreover, they provide superior customer service that extends above and above what is often offered by web hosting.

Security Monitoring

In the era of the internet, the significance of security for a website is obvious. Knowing that you have support may be quite reassuring given the rise in threats and cyberattacks.

The majority of the regular maintenance on this list, though not all of them, feature high-security monitoring as included in their monthly subscriptions.

Site Optimization

While the word "site optimization" is wide, in the context of WordPress maintenance packages as well as management services, I'm mostly referring to improving a site's responsiveness and loading time.

In today's fast-paced world, a sluggish website might cause visitors to leave it quickly. In addition, Google actively penalizes slower websites by demoting them in the search results.


Site backups are useful in cases when a website is broken beyond repair due to a cyberattack. They enable visitors to return the website to a stable and functional state.

In actuality, it could not even be a cyberattack; blunders that unintentionally erase files or entire databases might occur.

It is quite helpful to have a maintenance provider ready to create a reliable backup of the site in case anything goes wrong. It greatly reduces the anxiety caused by the possibility of losing everything.