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Blog Creation Ideas for IT Companies
  • 08 Jun 2023

Blog Creation Ideas for IT Companies

Is a blog still necessary for your IT Company in the era of TikTok and the metaverse?


With the correct blog posts, your website will continue to generate leads for you. In truth, there are several advantages to starting and keeping a blog, including:

Enhancing your SEO, or making it simpler for potential customers to locate you. Your organic traffic may improve by up to 106% with relevant blog material.

Increasing conversion rates - by writing informative and compelling B2B blog entries, you'll position your business as the industry authority and persuade leads. Before contacting a salesperson, 53% of prospects read 3-5 pieces of information on average.

Here are some suggestions for good blog topics for IT companies, along with examples.

Examples of blog topics for IT companies

How To’s

Helping a prospect swiftly and simply resolve a technical problem is the quickest approach to winning them over. For instance, NorthStar Analytics has fully embraced that approach by developing a resource with Google Sheets advice.

Share top tips

Similar to "How To" blog posts, top recommendations focus more on high-level guidance for decision-makers and less on specific technical details.

For instance, HData Systems often publishes articles like this one that provide suggestions for integrating business analytics with IoT devices.

This method has the benefit of giving the reader just enough information to comprehend the actions they must do while also piquing their interest in contacting you for assistance in putting it into practice.

Analyse key trends

A fantastic method to develop authority and produce content that will rank well in search results is to react to and analyze important trends. The drawback is that, in comparison to other material, the blog article will only have a short shelf life if you don't update it often.