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Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work
  • 28 Feb 2023

Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work

There are several digital marketing tactics available. We'll look at the top digital marketing tactics currently being employed in our sector since some are more successful than others at getting results.

Inbound Marketing

The entire ecosystem of techniques, tools, and methods a marketer utilizes to turn a visitor into a paying client is referred to as inbound marketing. It contains:

Content marketing

Email marketing

Lead nurturing


Marketing automation

Website optimization

Website analytics.

A comprehensive strategy for acquiring, vetting, nurturing, and satisfying consumers and prospects is known as inbound marketing. It's not a one-time event that is rapidly or indefinitely implemented; rather, it is centered on building a long-term connection with clients.

Content marketing

Instead of interrupting people with uninvited advertisements, content marketing focuses on providing answers to their problems and assisting them. It consists of articles for blogs, landing sites, movies, audio podcasts, infographics, eBooks, white papers, case studies, as well as more.

Content marketing often has numerous objectives. You might apply it to:

Increase brand awareness

Improve brand loyalty

Educate your target audience

Convert and nurture leads.

Smart marketers provide content that is suitable for various user personas at all sales funnel phases. For instance, a visitor who is unfamiliar with your brand and arrived at your website via organic results needs unique content than a potential customer who is close to making a purchase. You must comprehend the paths taken by your customers and provide original content that meets their wants at each stage.


An effective B2B marketing tactic that focuses on certain accounts you choose is account-based marketing (ABM). Its goal is to make it easier for sales and marketing teams to move leads swiftly through the sales funnel. You may use ABM to focus on the accounts that matter most to you.

You may use ABM to focus on the accounts that matter most to you.


The practice of improving your website and content for search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO). This will help you rank higher in search results and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Making high-quality content that is optimized for user requirements and keywords

Including metadata to make sure your website is search engine optimized.

In the end, SEO aims to attract the correct customers naturally to increase leads and revenues.

Social media marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram are used for social media marketing to:

Advertise your publications, goods, or services.

Increase brand presence and awareness

Obtain supporters or fans

Involve both present and potential clients

It needs a consistent advertising budget as well as, often, a website homepage created especially for people from that budget. As your advertising budget runs out, so do the website visitors, likes, and follows.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the activity of sending promotional as well as educational emails to your audience to develop connections with them, convert leads into customers, and transform one-time customers into ardent supporters of your business.

These emails on your company's behalf may discuss special offers, highlight website content, advertise impending promotions, or convey general messaging.

PPC advertising

In pay-per-click advertising, often known as PPC, the advertiser is charged each time an individual clicks on one of their online adverts. It is often carried out using Google Ads, Search Advertising, or another google search, and it may be a useful approach to connect with individuals who are looking for phrases associated with your company.

Yet, depending on the scale and breadth of your campaign, charges might vary from being very low to be in the hundreds of dollars each month. Also, the traffic that a campaign created ends when it is ended.

Users who click on pay-per-click advertisements are sent to specific landing sites that nudge them to do a certain action:

Make a purchase

Complete a form

Download a report, or similar.

Your main objective if you run a PPC campaign will probably be to boost leads or sales.

Video Marketing

Product demonstrations, industry thought leaders' interviews, client testimonials, and how-to films are just a few examples of the types of videos that may be utilized to market your goods, services, and brand.


To increase conversions and sales, you may add videos to your site, PPC pages, and social network profiles.

KPIs may consist of:

Engagement. Watching the video took time.

views count how often it was seen.

rate of clicks. how many people visited the site after clicking through.

rate of conversion. Quantity of prospects, clients, or leads that the material creates.

Online (and in-person) events

Nothing generates buzz about a product like an event. Trade exhibitions have, of course, always existed, most famously the Global CES tech expo. Yet with its string of elevated iPhone and Mac debuts during the 2010s as well as the 2020s, which were often viewed by upwards of 1.8 million people, Apple reimagined such spectacles for an online audience.

Even while it's doubtful that you'll have the same levels of participation, there are still valuable lessons to be gained from utilizing events to introduce new goods, services, or ventures.

Chatbot and live chat marketing

In the last ten years, chatbots and messaging applications have proliferated, and they are increasingly recognized as effective marketing and customer support tools. Chatbots are welcomed by the 1.4 billion users of messaging apps. With chatbots, brands can:

Respond to client grievances

Respond to inquiries regarding items

amplify live events

Despite these many purposes, it's important to take into account studies from the chatbot service Drift. Getting a speedy response in an emergency is said to be the top anticipated usage for a chatbot, so maybe make your chatbots simple.

Earned media

Simply said, earned media refers to articles produced by a 3rd person about your company, its goods, or its events that you have never paid for. In terms of digital marketing, it's easiest to think of it as PR that involves media outreach. Earned media occurs when the article is taken up by a magazine and published on its website.

Earned media examples include:

Tactical PR, like exploiting current affairs

conventional press releases for business news

Graphs based on survey information

a creative resource, like an interactive website.