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Google Announces Search Console URL Inspection API
  • 21 Dec 2022

Google Announces Search Console URL Inspection API

Google enhanced Search Console through the URL Inspection API Device, which improves the functionality of several SEO tools such as WordPress extensions and themes. Google has announced the availability of a new URL Inspection API python, which enables an external app to interface with Google's search dashboard and deliver URL inspection data. The new API availability will make it easier for SEOs and publishers to find and solve difficulties.

The Search Console API Expands Data Usability:

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API is a bridge that allows multiple software applications to communicate with other. Tools such as Screaming Frog, for example, may leverage APIs to link with Search Console from Google and utilize that data to streamline the process of identifying insights.

Screaming Frog may connect to Google Search Console URL Inspection API

Through the Configuration page, the Google Search Console API.

How to Enable Screaming Frog's Search Console Connectivity:

Screaming Frog can also gather statistics such as clicks, initial impressions, CTR, and location using the API. Additionally, the API may have been used to locate new Chrome inspect URLs for scanning and to add orphan URLs to site audit reports. Its Search Console API now allows WordPress plugins and other SEO tools safely access the Search Console via the API.

Google provided the following examples of how that API access can use.

For example, if you want to know the difference between the search engine and canonicals or reduce the data structure issued.

CMS and plugin builders can provide insights at the page or template level, continuing inspections for existing pages. Analyzing changes that occur for critical websites, for example, can assist in finding problems and prioritizing tasks.

API for URL Inspection Tool:

The URL inspection online tool offers helpful details about URLs that Google has indexed. Its information about indexing difficulties in structured data and AMP failures. The software does not permit you to test a current URL, and the API does not allow you to do so. "Check to determine if the specified URL is searchable or indexable," according to Google's developer guidelines.” At the moment, just the version's status at the Top of Google had provided; you cannot verify its index ability of a living URL."

Check out the API developer instructions to understand how to utilize the new API.

The answer offers analysis findings incorporating Search Console information like index state, AMP, actual results, and smartphone usability. Read the list of variables and the description of Indexed URL results for additional details.

Following the API call, the user should receive a response including all results or a runtime error if the query fails. If an analysis result is absent from the answer, the investigation was not accessible for the URL evaluated. And here is a sample of the API answer you'll receive.

Potential applications:

While constructing the new API, we contacted numerous SEOs and writers concerning how they would utilize the API to develop solutions with this knowledge. Here seem to be a few famous examples of use cases:

Continuous monitoring for crucial pages, as well as only one debugging option, may be provided by SEO tools and firms. Checking for inconsistencies between user-declared and Search engine canonicals, for example, or troubleshooting structured data errors from a set of sites.

·         CMS and module developers can provide insights at the page or template level, continuing inspections for existing pages.

Usage Limit:

Google stated that it has a total query limitation of 2,000 per day and a maximum speed of 600 inquiries per minute.

Nonetheless, the new URL Analysis Tool API makes it possible to watch the progress of a website's SEO to find and solve problems. The new feature should start showing in tools and extensions soon.

The developer documentation has a complete overview of the Google search console URL inspection API use restrictions. The limit for the URL Inspection API had imposed for the Search Console website element (calls searching the same site):

2,000 requests each day

600 requests per minute


The new API will provide additional possibilities for the community to innovate with Quick Google data; we're always interested to see what solutions builders and SEOs build around Search Console APIs.