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How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers)
  • 25 Jan 2023

How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers)

With the economy in turmoil owing to inflation, war, rising interest rates, and other uncontrollable circumstances, we assumed it would be interesting to observe how the other marketers return on investment.

And we only need to know what ROI is in digital marketing. We were behaving in the United States; we wanted to know what firms of all sizes throughout all key industries are multinational.

So, my ad firm, NP Digital, decided to use our site visitors to run a large poll to discover what other marketers do and to learn the "why" behind their actions.

Here's what we discovered.

Media that has been earned:

Examine each generated media channel in detail to understand how budgets shifted.

Sixty-eight percent of organizations polled stated they are raising their SEO expenditure. The number one reason they are implementing this change is that it gives marketing ROI metrics than sponsored advertising. That is correct. It simply takes more time to see the benefits.

11% stated they will keep their SEO spend in place until 2023. The most common explanation is that there was little flexibility in their entire marketing budget owing to fiscal constraints.

The reason for the 21% who claimed they were dropping was a toss-up between two primary replies.

Natural Social Media:

32% of businesses want to increase their organic social networking spending. The reason was due to the marketing return on investment formula and Apple IOS modifications, and they were unable to invest as much as they'd wanted on sponsored social media.

26% stated they would retain their spending as is, citing the need to be present on key platforms to engage with existing and new clients. As they know what is a good marketing percentage?

A staggering 42% indicated they would reduce as organic reach continues to decline & real-time social media no provide the same ROI as it once did.


83% of businesses are increasing their spending on content creation. The reason was the necessity to develop material in numerous formats, particularly video, and the accompanying costs.

8% stated that they stick to their budget. The basis for this was that their financial position limited their ability to spend more.

And 9% indicated they are reducing their content development expenditure since AI solutions make generating content more affordable.

AI Devices:

Speaking about AI technologies is all the rage these days. From GTP-3 to Atte to ChatGPT, many organizations exploit these APIs to build their solutions or make their return on marketing investment examples more productive. Especially in the case of earned media.

In 2023, 98% of respondents stated they would invest in AI tools. The primary reasons behind this were as follows:

·         Cut the number of hours spent on content creation

·         Capability to reduce content department headcount

2% stated that they would not try AI tools since the functionality of AI tools would not meet their expectations.

Email Marketing:

56% of businesses stated they planned to raise their email marketing expenditure. It was unclear why marketers’ investments indicated they would boost their budget.

·         Their prices for hosting email addresses are increasing as their list size grows.

·         Industriousness is spending extra to ensure compliance with personal data due to aloneness powers.

·         Companies are increasing their investments in marketing automation.

38% of businesses want to continue their email marketing activities. The primary reason supplied was that they considered email live a crucial avenue for communicating with current and new clients.6% want to reduce their email marketing expenditure.

Optimization of the User Experience and Conversion Rate:

61% of businesses want to increase their overall UX/CRO spend. It was a tie as to why they wanted to boost their overall spending in this area. The following were the reasons:

·         With ad costs growing, CRO can assist beget a higher ROI.

·         UX is a critical component of the whole marketing experience.

26% of businesses want to maintain their UX/CRO budgets for the exact reasons stated overhead.

And 13% intend to reduce their budget owing to economic factors as the primary motivator.


New media is one of the most underutilized marketing mediums. And the poll findings reveal that marketers’ investments see it as a potential future channel.

In 2023, 92% of businesses want to raise their podcasting expenditure. The main comment was that they do not currently get a podcast and intend to start one.