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How Technology Is Changing Property Management in the Middle East?
  • 15 Dec 2022

How Technology Is Changing Property Management in the Middle East?

The majority of the operations for a variety of businesses kinds are increasingly being managed by technology. Most of this industry's spectacular growth and profitable financial returns have been caused by the employment of technology alone. The real estate industry, and in particular the property management segment of the market, has jumped on board and adopted many fresh innovations in how they conduct their business. The property owners have benefited greatly from the integration.

See how the property management sector in the Middle East has benefited from the application of technology solutions by reading on:

Taking Charge of the Property's Maintenance and Management:

Many of the technology used in property management in the UAE and other Middle East countries list are already available on the market. They enable property managers to stay on top of the numerous maintenance requirements for the property. They not only schedule appointments for clients, but they also send out polite reminders for upcoming maintenance tasks.

The web interface also allows tenants to request maintenance, and all stakeholders may see these requests. In order for technicians to access their scheduled tasks and the specific units that need to visit, property managers can add them to the portal. With such technology, you won't miss any maintenance tasks as a property owner, which will help you provide better services to your tenants.

Remote rental management is now possible thanks to technology. Industrial IoT technologies are now being used in the real estate industry. Examples of Internet of Things (IoT) technology used by property managers include CCTVs and sensors.

Tenant screening:

The days of not knowing the kind of tenant your apartment building would attract are long gone.

Thanks to modern technologies, this has changed. You can evaluate prospective tenants using a number of techniques before approving their application. Among other things, you could do background checks on them, examine their history of on-time rent payments, and see how they get along with other tenants. This might assist you in planning how you'll interact with each tenant in your rentals.

Online payment options:

Property management in the UAE as well as the clients both benefit from having an online transaction option.

Instead of physically going to the landlord, tenants can pay their rent quickly from anywhere. Additionally, a 24/7/365 online payment mechanism is accessible, making it easier for them to fit it into their schedules.

However, if you're a landlord, receiving rent and deposit payments online makes it easy for you to keep track of both kinds of payments. If you have an arrangement in place that involves punishment for late payments, there are methods available that can mechanically complete the calculations for you. The job you have to perform will be less as a result.

Contact Management:

It is no secret that if you own a lot of rental properties, you have a lot of tenants. For you to offer services to people effectively, you must have their contact information. A manual contact listing may be very difficult to manage in terms of keeping your contacts safe from loss and storing them.

Analyzing the circumstance from a distance:

You are no longer required to visit each of your properties personally in order to examine them. The management of rental properties has become easier thanks to the usage of several software programs that offer a virtual examination of one's rental properties. The digitalization of key elements of property investment, such as rent and maintenance payments, enables you to gather all of this information from a variety of platforms and analyze each property. No matter where you are, you may build patterns of each, examine tenant behavior and financial statements, and all of this enables you to make corrections as necessary.

Better Advertising:

You would be able to offer a thorough presentation of every one of your properties that are up for sale right now, complete with a list of all the amenities provided. The tools will handle this in a professional manner, enabling you to target the market niche you have in mind. Your clientele may grow if you use this technology in conjunction with social media, which will ultimately enhance the possibility that your rental properties will be leased out. To provide better customer service, you might want to think about employing a program that enables potential tenants to book one of your apartments online.

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Customer satisfaction:

If you are able to deliver services efficiently by taking payments online, providing support and maintenance round-the-clock, and doing maintenance, you will be able to meet the needs of each of your consumers, increasing levels of satisfaction. In the end, this will result in additional tenants being drawn to your property, mostly as a result of the testimonials provided by your previous and current clients. If you have additional renters, your real estate business will be able to grow because this will lead to more revenue and profits.

Document Storage:

Prior to the development of digital advances, all paperwork related to the purchase and leasing of property investment had to be completed and maintained manually. This includes all documents, such as payment checks, invoices, rental agreements, and maintenance records. It can be difficult and tedious for your personnel to complete such documents by hand if you own property management all in the Middle East. In order to store all of the documentation, you will also need a lot of storage space. Even documents handled solely by hand carry the danger of being misplaced or harmed. The storage systems have been improved as a result of the new technologies, making it simpler to manage them. You and your renters have access to all of the papers in one single area, which can be reached whenever necessary. This is especially useful if any legal issues, such as disputes over rental payments, come up and require paperwork to be used as a reference point. Digital storage solutions also reduce your staff's workload, allowing them to focus more of their time on property management in Dubai rather than constantly filing paperwork.