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How to Run a Content Audit (2023 Update)
  • 27 Feb 2023

How to Run a Content Audit (2023 Update)

Have you forgotten about all you've written? Easy to do.

If you're a person like me, you could get so preoccupied with thinking of new topics and writing fresh articles that you forget about the ones you've previously written.

Your previously generated material may even be more valuable than your future creations. It may generate hundreds of dollars more of it in income with a little optimization.

For this reason, you need content audit questions for the current pages. In this piece, I'll discuss:

·         A content audit's definition

·         What justifies an audit?

·         Tools for content auditing at your disposal

·         How to conduct a content audit in detail

·         Are you prepared to list your assets? So let's get started.

What is a Content Audit?

Creating an inventory of the content assets on your website and evaluating them in light of a list of requirements is the method for carrying out a content audit.

It allows you to keep track of the material you have produced, identify the assets that want improvement, and decide which subjects to handle next.

You may make a content audit as quick or as thorough as you want. You may do an audit of your whole website, simply your blog, or perhaps just a certain blog category. They can all provide worth and wisdom. But I advise doing an exhaustive audit. Your investment of time in your audit today will pay handsomely in the future.

Why Do I Need a Contents Audit for My Website?

To identify the gaps and begin producing better content, set aside some time for a content audit.

What makes a content audit important? A content audit may boost the performance of your website for a variety of reasons.

A content audit has a tonne of advantages. They consist of:

Evaluating the effectiveness of your content will assist you in making informed judgments as to which pages to enhance.

Highlighting the non-SEO-optimized pages of your website. For instance, some pages can be missing information or have subpar header structures.

·         Recognizing content holes that may be filled with fresh material and SEO possibilities.

·         Enhancing the reader experience by raising the quality of the material on your website.

·         Locating the information that may be reused.

·         Making a thorough inventory of your material to enable future management of your content strategy simpler.

·         Enhancing the diversity and accessibility of your material.

Determine the Goal of Your Content Audit

The objectives you have will determine how you should conduct a content audit. Even though a content audit may accomplish all of the advantages I mentioned before, it will be far more successful if you choose one or two objectives to concentrate on.

For instance, you should concentrate on finding content gaps as well as pages with missing data if you want to conduct content audits to boost your SEO. It necessitates paying close attention to each page's technical SEO.

Content Audit Tools

Without the aid of software tools, the content auditing process cannot be finished. The following tools may help you automate most of the process so that you don't have to manually walk through your website and note every problem one at a time.


Ubersuggest is crucial if you're doing a content assessment to increase your SEO. Doing an audit is simple. Just type in your URL, choose "Search," and then, on the left, select "Site Audit." Consider this a brief, free assessment of the general health of your website.

Google Analytics

Do you wish to assess the efficacy of your pages? Finally, utilize Google Analytics to discover the volume of visitors to each page.

Broken Link Checkers

When you review your material, you'll want to locate and restore broken links. You may aid there by using Integrity, Ahrefs, as well as Dead Link Checker.

Content Inventory

Your website's content links could all be manually retrieved, but it would take too long and put certain things in danger of being missed. Try using a content inventory tool instead, like Screaming Frog as well as DynoMapper.

Steps for a Website Content Audit

It can seem that establishing a content audit requires a lot of effort. But if you divide it into smaller, more manageable chunks, it's simple.

Make a list of the content assets you have

Making an asset inventory is the first step in a website content audit. It is much simpler to monitor content performance, identify areas for improvement, and carefully update each item when you can see them all in one place.

The most effective technique to extract compelling content from your website is to use Screaming Frog's SEO Spider Tool. If your website has less than 500 pages, you may use it for free. 

Content Audit Templates

You should create a content audit spreadsheet, as I said previously, so you can store all the data in one location. One may be created entirely from scratch, downloaded, or used as a starting point for a customized spreadsheet.

·         Template for CoSchedule Content Audit

·         SEO HubSpot Template

·         Template for a Distilled Content Audit

Remember the objectives we spoke about previously. You might add several statistics or data points to each piece of information. Nonetheless, certain information will be more pertinent to you compared to other information.

Make a list of the content problems you want to find

It's time to assess your content assets now that they are all in one location. Examine each piece of material separately to see how it's doing, if any metadata is missing, and whether there are any clear areas where it can be made better.

Address Content Issues

It is the moment to prioritize your content-related difficulties since you can't handle everything at once. One approach is to numerically go over each asset, beginning just at top of a spreadsheet. Another is to combine each optimization problem and deal with it all at once. You might, for instance, start by updating the meta information on each page, then go on to image problems, and so on.