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How to Scrape LinkedIn Data for Different Uses – 2023
  • 21 Feb 2023

How to Scrape LinkedIn Data for Different Uses – 2023

To order to access your data, scraped LinkedIn data offers an API. To access the API, you must sign up for a Developer schedule on LinkedIn and create a Developer account. Afterward, you can create applications that access your data using the API.

You too can access your information even if you're not a developer by installing it from LinkedIn. Go to your Settings page & select the "Download Your Data" link to begin downloading your data. You can select the information you like to download and download it in several different formats.

Using LinkedIn Data for their Resume: How to Export It

There are several APIs that LinkedIn offers that let you access information about your account & network. The most well-known API is the Link Building API, which gives you access to information about your connections and profile. You must first generate a LinkedIn scraped data download application to access the Profile API. You can obtain an access token after creating an application that you can be used to call a Profile API.

How to Harvest Leads from LinkedIn

Developers can access & extract data from the LinkedIn platform using a set of APIs that LinkedIn offers. You can use these APIs to obtain specific information concerning LinkedIn members, such as their names, email addresses, job titles, and employers. Additionally, you can retrieve data on jobs and businesses using the LinkedIn APIs, including company profiles and job postings.

There are several methods for mining LinkedIn data scraping extensions for leads. Employing the LinkedIn API is one option. Utilizing a program like Octopuses, which enables data extraction from websites without requiring you to write any code, is just an additional option.

You must open a developer account on LinkedIn and make an application to access the LinkedIn API.

How to Customize Your Job Search Using LinkedIn Data Scraping

You can access information on users & their connections using LinkedIn's open API. This information had used to tailor your job search by identifying prospective employers & networking contacts.

The name, title, company, & contact information of users could also use the LinkedIn search result scraping API. Additionally, you can access information about a user's connections via the API, such as their name, position, employer, and contact details.

You can increase your chances of locating a position that's a good match for you if you utilize the scraped LinkedIn data Application programming interface to tailor your job search.

How is data scraping done?

The scraping method, which was previously exclusive to Python developers, can such days, anyone can perform.

To accomplish this, you should be aware that scraping involves two steps:

·       Going to download the page's HTML code.

·       Misconstruing the section (or retrieving information).

You can do this using software without worrying about processes & variables in someone's code lines. For instance, you can download a Chrome extension like Data Scraper to scrape data. You could perhaps follow the tutorial's step-by-step instructions.

How do you LinkedIn scrape?

We will go over how to scrape the LinkedIn extractor to fill one’s prospecting file. You will just be able to gather the following data:

·       Final name

·       The first name

·       Held position.

An employer that the prospect works for.


In some cases, email addresses.

In some cases, phone numbers.

Of course, you will need a tool to make data collection simple. Go to LinkedIn terms of service scraping and click before choosing. Use them to get what you need once you are on the page.

You could even retrieve the file in CSV or access it effectively from a dedicated interface, and the criteria you have focused on in your search will still go immediately to the chosen application. Talk about some tools while we are on the subject.

Tools for LinkedIn scraping

Due to the enormous amount of data that is now published on the internet, numerous tools developed to assist in growing your customer base (but not only). The here at you can use to scrape are shown to you here.

·       Waalaxy

·       Scraping LinkedIn data: Pharow

·       Connected Helper

·       Lemlist

·       TexAu

Utilizing Waalaxy to scrape data

We'll find a step-by-step guide that will explain how or when to retrieve data from Waalaxy to aid you in your scraping.

·       Please click here to download its Chrome extension if you haven't already.

·       Go to the search page on your LinkedIn app.

·       We'll receive the Waalaxy entire team today.

Create a new list of prospects by launching the Chrome extension.

·       Then select "validate." After that, the tool will begin importing.

·       Click "Prospects" and then the name of both the list you created in the Waalaxy application.