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How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)
  • 27 Feb 2023

How to Use Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite)

I'll go through everything there is to know regarding Meta Business Suite down below. We'll explain what it is, what you could do with it, how it can help your company, and give you a brief tutorial on how to create an account.

How Does the Meta Business Suite Function?

With the help of the free application Meta Business Suite, you can easily manage your Facebook as well as Instagram profiles, including your advertising, from a single dashboard.

You can handle all of the profiles you own or administer via the platform using a variety of tools, which will make managing the social media presence of your company much simpler.

What's best?

Facebook alone has about 3 billion active users every month, making it one of the top tools for increasing your social reach, boosting brand recognition, and generating sales.


You may instantly obtain an overview dashboard for your Facebook Pages as well as Instagram profiles by just linking your accounts.

What you can do is:

·         Make a to-do list for managing alerts

·         Review statistics on your performance as well as audience development.

·         Make posts or articles or see them recently

·         Ad creation or management

·         Look at your content calendar.

·         See inspiration content

Visit the Commerce Manager and connect using an inbox on Facebook as well as Instagram DMs as well as comments.

·         Upgrade the Business Suite.

There is a sizable "more tools" section with additional features to experiment with, such as:

·         Appointments

·         Ads manager

·         Event coordinator

·         Quick forms

·         Media Archive

Between Facebook Business Manager with Meta Business Suite

Facebook used to provide either Facebook Business Suite as well as Facebook Business Manager until it changed its name to Meta. Under Meta, both alternatives are still available.

By giving anyone with access to your accounts one of six distinct "roles," the Business Manager seems to be a backend tool that allows you to share or restrict access to your company accounts.

Front-end management features included in the Business Suite include managing your inbox, scheduling posts, and merging alerts.

You'll like Meta Business Suite if you're familiar with Facebook Business Manager! It enables you to coordinate and organize your activities across the IM and social media platforms used by Meta.

Using the insights from the Meta Business Suite

Tracking your company accounts as well as campaigns from across Meta social as well as messaging channels is simple with the Meta Business Suite app.

What insight Meta Business Suite offers and how to apply them are listed below:

You can keep track of your advertising expenditures on all Meta platforms. You may modify your spending following how well you're doing. You may shift your budget to the Other platforms where you're more effective, for instance, if you're paying a lot in Instagram advertising but discover via other data that the ads aren't doing well.

Engagement: You may see you're natural and promoted content engagement with Meta Business Suite. You may utilize this information to guide your plans and the material you post on social media by looking at the content that performs the best.

audience characteristics You may see information about the people who engage with your profile as well as content using Business Suite. For instance, you may learn more about their background, hobbies, age, and more. If your material isn't reaching the proper audience, you may utilize this knowledge to change your methods or keep producing content that targets your current consumers.

Spend some time learning about this tool since it may help you develop a stronger Facebook strategy.

By use of the Meta Business Suite App

You may manage your company accounts from a mobile device with the Meta Business Suite mobile app.

With a mobile device, you can accomplish whatever you can on a desktop. You can manage your mailbox, keep track of account activity, and obtain audience data.

Understanding Meta Business Suite

Before utilizing Meta Entire Enterprise to automate your social media management, you must first set up everything. You may skip the first several stages if you have such an account, but I do suggest reading them all to understand how to build a successful Meta business page.

Using the Meta Business Suite's Tools

Concerned about the resources in Meta Business Suite? Let's examine what you can accomplish with the platform in more detail and how it may help your company.

Check Your Inbox

Are comments among your top-time wasters? Do you often switch between applications on your smartphone or are you constantly bombarded with alerts on your Meta Business Suite desktop?

HubSpot estimates that handling social media takes an average small company owner more than six hours each week.

Make stories and posts

Use any post-creation applications, such as Later or Planoly. By allowing you to generate all of your stories and articles in one location and schedule them individually, Business Suite positions itself as a competition.

Make ads for Facebook and Instagram

Want to avoid having a second tab open with Ad Manager? Using Meta Business Suite, you can create advertising and monitor your ad effectiveness.

It also saves time and lets you monitor your progress toward objectives.

Use instant forms to generate leads.

Do you depend significantly on lead generation for your business? You may use Facebook as well as Instagram to your advantage using Meta's Instant Forms to get more leads.

How do Instant Forms work? Consider it a little CRM system. You may construct custom forms that people can fill out of it without leaving the site when you place an ad and specify your purpose as finding leads.