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How To Use Twitter Campaign Planner
  • 28 Feb 2023

How To Use Twitter Campaign Planner

We've all undoubtedly done it: started an advertising campaign only to discover that it wasn't quite effective. Maybe your advertising didn't convert as you had anticipated and you didn't quite reach the market you were hoping to.

Isn't that a waste of money and time? So wouldn't it be helpful to have a simple instrument that could assist you in forecasting your advertising efforts before launching them?

There is.

If you want to use a Twitter content plan to expand your brand, using something called the Twitter Campaign Planner might be the key to your success.

What is the operation of the Twitter campaign planner? Continue reading as I walk you through it as well as explain what it may mean for your marketing strategies.

What Is Twitter Campaign Planner?

Using a variety of prediction algorithms, Twitter's campaign planner enables you to predict your advertising outcomes before coming online with your advertisements.

The campaign planner on Twitter may be used to calculate:

predicted reach


typical frequency


Moreover, it considers your:

Forecast reach


Average frequency


It also takes into consideration your:


Campaign duration

Frequency setting

Ad placement

Budget for auction-based campaigns

Yet not everyone can access it.

Today, it is only accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as Japan and is only made available to managed partners (formal businesses that Twitter collaborates with). It does, however, have growth strategies.

In light of this, even if the campaign planner Facebook isn't currently generally accessible, learning more about it now will help you comprehend other users' experiences with it and the potential it may have for developing your advertisements.

The Campaign Planner on Twitter: How Does It Work?

As I've already said, the new functionality may completely disrupt the advertising landscape for companies that wish to test their campaigns before going live.

The Twitter planner has been tested, according to Jon Morgenstern, Executive Vice President and Director of Investing at VaynerMedia:

With the support of the Campaign Manager, our team is better able to predict campaign performance results before going live, ensuring that our Twitter signals are prepared for demonstrable success right away.

Does Twitter Campaign Planner Work Well for Your Company?

The phase of your firm is one of several variables that determines this. You should keep in mind, too, that the findings are only estimations and you won't always get the outcomes you want.

Leaving that aside, the following situations can make this novel tool suitable for you:

Before spending money on live advertisements, you may wish to utilize the Twitter campaign planner if you're a new business with a tight budget.

A well-established company trying to carve out a new market. Before running any advertising, you may want to perform a test using Twitter's campaign planner.

You could be unfamiliar with Twitter advertising and have no idea where to position your advertisements or how long to run your campaign. If you are new to all of this, my introduction to Twitter advertisements will get you started with a flying start. You can try out marketing in your profile as well as search advertising to examine your prospective results and modify durations to get a feel of the anticipated outcomes.

Do your adverts reach the people you want to reach? Using the new tool, you may also establish that.

You continue investing in such areas if it succeeds. If it doesn't, you should attempt an alternative approach and return to the Twitter campaign planner.

Nonetheless, it's a good idea to wait and observe because this Twitter service is still in the initial phases of implementation and isn't accessible to a large number of advertisers. Learn from case studies, see how others are utilizing the tool, and observe how it affects their success rates.

You may begin to have a better understanding of how the Meta campaign planner could benefit you and how to use it as it becomes more widely available and accessible.

Setup Instructions for Twitter Campaign Planner

Are you prepared to begin using the campaign planner on the Twitter strategy template? It's easy. All you have to do is adhere to these detailed directions.

Find the "Campaign planner" option under the campaigns drop-down box in the left-hand corner.

Fill up your plan's details, including your objectives, financial constraints, start and finish dates, and frequency limit.

Go to placements next to choose the locations wherever you want your adverts to run. You cannot move Twitter's "Home Timelines" since they are the default setting. You may decide to have your advertising appear in search results and profile pages.

Choose your demographics now. Which demographic(s) are you aiming to influence? You may choose demographics like location, gender, language, and age. Because language targeting is optional, the Twitter campaign planner "only enables country-level targeting inside the United States, United Kingdom, as well as Japan."

The next step is to choose your gadgets. You may choose the operating system, provider, and device model in this optional stage.

An additional optional step is to tailor your audience. To create remarketing campaigns, you may concentrate on your current followers by using custom audiences. People may be targeted using lists, app activity combinations, audiences, or website or app activity.

targeting capabilities (optional) You may use keywords, hobbies, look-alikes, and other criteria to narrow your target audience here.

After you have finished filling out all the necessary information, click "Start a draught campaign" and then pick a funding source. Also, you must name your new campaign as well as the ad group. After you've finished, click "Start a draught campaign" to save all of your work and transfer your settings across.

When you examine the prediction for the plan, you can:

Make changes to your spending plan.

Choose a different currency.

the reach as well as the budget curve as necessary. To examine your projected impressions as well as uncover possible that are achievable if your budget changes, hover around the shown curve. Clicking on the curve causes the chosen point to shift to that price point.

Enhancing Your Twitter Campaigns Using Planner

Maybe you own an online store that specializes in wedding flowers and are looking for a productive strategy to launch campaigns. You could find what you're searching for by testing advertisements using Twitter's campaign planner.