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how web design affect the Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • 22 Mar 2024

how web design affect the Search Engine optimization (SEO)

                                    Web Design affect on Search Engine Optimization

Website is the center of digital marketing world. Website is the place where you have the most control on your business. All digital marketing rivers run towards it. Basically website is the largest source of generating organic traffic. In that case your website must have strong SEO strategies and find the right balance between SEO and web design, for this you can contact with the best website developers in your area.

SEO Website Design

SEO website design is the method to make your E-commerce website visible on search engine. SEO and web design generally are two different things, in actual both are very connected. SEO optimize the website to appear high in search results when people search for specific keywords. Website design is the other thing; it is about making your website be easy to use and look good. A perfect SEO website design use both website design and SEO principles, then create a site for you that is visible on search engines and enjoyable for consumers. So SEO friendly website design is important for your business. Solution corridor in Dubai makes your business website SEO friendly website design.

Impact of SEO Friendly Web Design on Your Businesses

In this digitally evolving era, it is necessary to have a SEO friendly web design of your business website. SEO friendly website follows the practices like fast loading times, descriptive URLs and providing mobile friendly experiences. These website designed with SEO strategies makes company’s website easier to reach high rank on search engine results. It increases website rankings and organic traffic.

Search engine optimization and web design both have tremendous impact on your brand’s bottom line. SEO web design matters a lot for your business because web design can damage or erase your SEO. Many companies launch a new website for their products and services; they forget to set up 301 redirects. Their SEO progress will disappear overnight, because 301 redirects tell the search engine where to find the relocated site or page. The website developer will design your SEO friendly website to get more benefit in your businesses.

SEO also can influence your website design. Best SEO practices that are web design related like voice search, site architecture and page speed optimization are the factors which influence you how to design your website.

When you skip SEO web design for your website then you will struggle for high rank on search engine.SEO act as a foundation for your website design. For a proper SEO based web design for your company website you can visit Solution Corridor in Dubai they are the best web designers.

Optimizing Factors for Web Design and SEO

There are some specific aspects that are affected by website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can optimize these aspects for SEO website design.


Code is the first factor to optimize when you are designing a SEO friendly web design. While creating the web designers have few options to code which they use to render the major design elements of your website. They use HTML and CSS, both are good options. While flash sites are difficult to optimize as a result you didn’t get a chance to rank high in search engine results. Best website developers in Dubai is using HTML and CSS for coding.

Mobile Friendliness

Now a day’s mobile friendliness is a ranking factor for Google. Internet user’s amount is increasing on smart phones and mobile devices. People are browsing mostly on their smart phones and mobile devices. In that case your website must be mobile friendly and accessible to all of the people.

The best way to practice this is with responsive design that makes your website available on all browsers and devices. Tell your website developer to design your website with a responsive design for mobile devices.

File Names

While designing your website, the images you added on your site must have descriptive and logical names. The descriptive file names will help the search engine to see your image and put it into the context.

File Size

File size also matter wile designing your website. Large size files slow down the page loading speed which provide a poor user and also increase your bounce rate. This damages your ranking on search engine. Tell your designer to keep the file sizes as small as possible.


Readability is a major factor to optimize while designing a website. The designers must focus on the non-text element of your site. It is important to choose fonts and sizes which are easy to read for the visitors.

There should be plenty of space for copy on your page. Few sentences of text will upset your SEO. There should be lots of informative and optimized content to rank well on search engine.

Alt Tags and Navigation

Your file names and images also have optimized alt tags. These tags help visually impaired users to understand that what is being shown on your website.

Navigation is the most important component of best user experience. Easy navigation can lower your bounce rate and upgrade your search engine rankings. Best software companies will design easy navigation for your website.

URL Structure                       

Every page of your website should have a descriptive URL, which describe the content present in your page. Descriptive URL words help the search engine to understand your page and also easier for your site visitors to remember your website.

SEO and web design both are very important for your business. Make sure that both work well with one another. To create a website and bringing it in an SEO you should hire a web designer to lay out your SEO friendly web design. If you are running your business in Dubai, you can contact with Solution corridor in Dubai, which is a reliable software company in Dubai.







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