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Learn How To Use Spreadsheet Software Today 2023
  • 20 Feb 2023

Learn How To Use Spreadsheet Software Today 2023

Even though some spreadsheet-database software options, like Jotform Tables, provide more than a standard spreadsheet software example, the spreadsheet is still crucial for many businesses.

Spreadsheets can produce reports, help you create a budget, or even serve as a cleverly disguised to-do list for your needs.

The proper spreadsheet program can keep you on route for setting and achieving goals to assist you in sorting through countless data sets.

The proper spreadsheet program can keep you on route for setting and achieving goals to assist you in sorting through countless data sets.

We've gathered some best 5 types of spreadsheet software options available on the market, whether you're looking for a free tool to stay organized or the cream of the digital crop.

Microsoft Excel

Excel, released in 1987, is now the standard choice for spreadsheet software. Excel has continuously expanded the capabilities of the ideal application of spreadsheet software since it was integrated into the Office suite from Microsoft in 1995 and then has become a key component.

Excel currently offers more functions & features than any other spreadsheet program on the market, with a peak cell count of a staggering 17,179,869,184.

Even young children can use spreadsheet user interfaces, and the program has invented cutting-edge filters to sort through large amounts of data. You see why Excel remains so popular when you take into account the ability to customize a Quick Access navigation bar to pin your more functions & the availability of seamless user collaboration.

Apple Numbers

Because Numbers comes preinstalled and available on your Mac, chances are that if you're an Apple user already know about it. Its simple, contemporary interface is the aspect that distinguishes Numbers as one of the ideal spreadsheet software options. In contrast to Excel, Numbers opens as an infinite canvas that lets you position tables however you like, even side by side.

To help you complete routine tasks quickly, Numbers comes with templates. It makes up for features like research methodology and indeed the capacity to handle large data sets with ease of use spreadsheet and device syncing.

Additionally, Statistics is free for all Mac users.

Google Sheets

Excel and Numbers both have the Best free spreadsheet software alternatives in Google Sheets. To get started using Sheets, all you need is a Google account. Sheets provides real-time commenting, version history, and collaboration to precisely track all progress made by contributors.

With G Suite applications like Google Analytics & Google Data Studio, Google Sheets can instantly sync. Additionally, it can import data from Google Forms into a spreadsheet. When you use Jotform, you can get the same functionality using the Google Sheets integration.

Google Sheets has a variety of conventional mathematical and logical tasks in addition to its collaborative features. Its accessibility via the site, Android, & iOS system software makes it one of the most widely accessible software options, which is even better.


An innovative productivity tool called Quip combines team chat, documents, and spreadsheets into a single app. The tool, which was established in 2012 and later purchased by Salesforce in 2016, offers the flexibility and personalization that customers have come to expect from Salesforce. As you work, for illustration, you can switch between the document layout and the spreadsheet layout.

Additionally, Quip has more than 400 developed features and aims to provide keyboard shortcuts for most menu items, such as Shift-Space to select a row and Ctrl-Space to select a column. Additionally, similar to Excel, making a chart or chart is as simple as choosing a data range or clicking a button.

Pricing for features such as unlimited documents, spreadsheets, and slides starts at $10 per user per month.

Ether Calc

Ether Calc could work for you if you're looking for something a little less complicated than conventional spreadsheet software.

Ether Calc is a free web-based software, much like Google Sheets. However, using it doesn't even call for a login. Visit the Ether Calc website, then select Create Spreadsheet from the menu on the top left. Each sheet has given its distinct URL, which you can copy, paste, & share.

This software's 2006 creation date is its only drawback. The UI lacks some features and is a little dated. Nevertheless, Ether Calc is considered one of the best and cheapest spreadsheet options due to its simplicity of use and speedy sharing capabilities.


However, folks should start thinking about products like Quip, Result with the specified features, Airtable, and Stack if they want to get ready for growth. They have attributes that businesses need, like databases and workflow automation, and are more business-oriented. The majority of them also adhere to the no-code philosophy, allowing you to use them to create an app that is customized to your unique requirements.