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Link Building for Local SEO: 7 Simple Strategies
  • 28 Feb 2023

Link Building for Local SEO: 7 Simple Strategies

Customers desire to interact with neighborhood businesses.

Google reports that searches including "near me" have increased by 500% since last year.

Also, 81 percent of customers utilized Google in 2021 to look for information on nearby companies.

How does this affect online marketers?

Hence, you must make sure local customers can locate your company online if you want to attract their business. You must raise the position of your content in relevant Google search results.

Using the power of backlinks, particularly link construction for local SEO, is one approach to do this.

Let me explain local link-building strategies, their importance, and how you may begin creating your web presence.

What Is Link Building for Local SEO?

Link construction is the process of getting other websites to connect to your website. Backlinks, inbound links, and incoming links are terms used to describe these connections, which are used to promote your website.

Developing Links for Local SEO Techniques

Are you prepared to begin developing your backlinks? These are the top six tactics I use.

Acquire links from travel as well as neighborhood review websites

98 percent of customers check internet evaluations of nearby establishments, and 85 of customers are seeking a good star rating, according to a study.

In other terms, you need favorable comments, and you prefer them to come from websites that might assist you in achieving your local link-building objectives.

Organize special occasions and campaigns to get PR links

Want to find local chances for link development while also strengthening your foothold and brand awareness?

Think about organizing campaigns or unique events.

If you need ideas for an event, consider:

Support a neighborhood sports team

Organize a charity event

Conduct a workshop

Run a competition

Instead, you may run specials like a free service demo as well as seasonal discounts. Whatever fits your company model the best will ultimately determine what to do.

You must promote the event or promotion you've selected

Find your local news sources online by doing some research, such as looking for local newspapers, radio stations, Facebook community organizations, etc.

Depending on your intended customer group, choose which sources to target. Digital sites are a fantastic place to start since 87 percent of people aged 55 to 66 and 96 percent of those aged 18 to 25 check social media every day, respectively.

Publish a succinct news release. Add facts, important moments, and the URL for the link.

Publish Your Company in Local Directories

Research shows that 94% of customers have used a business listing at least once over the past twelve months to explore a new firm.

Get a listing for your business in directories to take advantage of local link-building possibilities. Often used business directories are:




Company profile on Google


Make a blog that covers regional issues

Do you already have a blog? If not, establish one and concentrate on covering regional subjects. Here are some reasons why blogging is worthwhile for generating links for local SEO, even if this stage needs more work from you.

You may demonstrate your knowledge and experience by blogging, which fosters customer confidence and eventually influences them to select your business over rivals.

At the first phases of the purchasing process, 60% of consumers read blog postings, according to a Desire Gen survey.

Sharing blog material on social media is simple. More shares over time translate into more brand visibility, which increases traffic.

Here's how to gain backlinks to your articles whenever you're ready to launch your neighborhood blog.

Identify and target rival backlinks by using SEO software like Ubersuggest.

Why should you be concerned about the sources of your rivals' backlinks?

It's easy.

It makes sense to do competition research to identify websites to pursue regional link-building chances since these are the kinds of locations that are most likely to link directly to you as well.

If you're link building for local SEO, follow these instructions to utilize Ubersuggest to target competition backlinks.

When you are aware of the websites that connect to your rivals, you may go after them directly.

Your marketing plan and company objectives will determine how you should utilize these backlinks; in this situation, you may make sure you are listed on Foursquare as well as also choose websites that accept product evaluations.

Track Down Unlinked References to Your Brand and Request Links

Unlinked brand mentions may provide excellent chances to get backlinks from reputable, high-quality websites.

One benefit of having a familiar contact is that sending outreach emails to them is simpler.

It seems sensible to assume that if they're talking about your goods or services, you may ask for a backlink.

Nevertheless, there's no need to chase every brand mention, particularly if it's on a low-quality site that won't help your results. To locate backlinks worth following, follow these steps.

Then, choose the appropriate recipient for your outreach email. The website's owner or a member of the marketing team might be the contact. Often, you may uncover these specifics through online resources like LinkedIn as well as social networking sites like Twitter.

Send your contact email again. Congratulate the business and express gratitude for promoting your brand. Inform them politely of the advantages that a backlink may have for their business and think about providing a link in exchange.

Don't ignore such brand references without a link. Instead, go after them, develop connections with other site owners, and turn them into beneficial backlinks.

Make an Effort to Get Recognized By Local Media and Bloggers

Although PR efforts are a fantastic idea, you also should try to get more natural media attention from blogs and periodicals in your area. You do not want every reference of your site to be associated with a promotion or event. Build genuine relationships with regional bloggers instead.

Also, you may ask to be included in any local company roundups that might currently be on their sites. These articles often go up, then go years without an update.

To get in touch, look for local roundups that were published but not updated over the previous six months or more. Don't be humble if you want to successfully market your site as a helpful resource for readers.

Do you hesitate to make contact?

Always keep in mind that local publishers as well as content producers are eager to network with, you got it, local companies.

Just approach out to advance your mutual interests, and you'll probably get a favorable response.