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List of Useful Sites for Students – 2023
  • 09 Feb 2023

List of Useful Sites for Students – 2023

It is challenging to be a student, and this is true for all students, regardless of age. Whether you are a high school student, a college student, or are getting ready to submit your doctoral dissertation, it doesn't matter. Today's students require a tremendous amount of assistance, which is understandable. Our educational requirements have increased dramatically as a result of technological development, and both teachers and students are finding it challenging to keep up.

So, for students all over the world who are having academic difficulties and moving their workspace online, we understand! For this reason, we have created this article to list some of the top study websites’ aesthetics.

List of the Top Student-Friendly Websites


Coursera is a cautionary place to start if we're talking about fascinating useful sites for students that could give you academic clout on campus. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this platform has expanded to become the most popular online learning tool. Students can enroll in any course and obtain a degree from whatever college, organization, or university worldwide on this website. One of the biggest websites for college students, it is a tremendous hit with college and university students. Students can easily enroll in any of the following courses to acquire the knowledge and training they need. These classes would prepare them for the workforce in such an unstable international economic environment.


If you're fortunate enough to live in Canada and require academic help, Edubirdie appears your best friend. Students can choose from a wide range of mentors on this platform who can assist them with their written assignments. Through Edubirdie, you could smoothly get homework assistance in Canada and make the positions of your classmates seem tedious. A variety of experienced writers submit bids for each performance listed on this website. Then, after viewing their requests, students can choose their preferred writer.

You can feel secure knowing that their payment options lived also guaranteed on the website thanks to the cutting-edge SSL Encryption technique. Additionally, the website doesn't divulge your information or any other third-party programs.


Anyone who views YouTube content is required to be familiar with Grammarly. The best grammar-checker here on the internet is Grammarly, a Ukrainian-American website. Their assistant facilitates spelling and grammar checks and aids students in writing more effectively. Grammarly's cloud-based operating system allows it to correct the text under examination tone, specificity, delivery, and engagement. Useful websites for Students can use this as a great platform to review any writing assignments they had in class. Additionally, the website ensures that the text is easily readable and grammatically correct.

It is crucial to maintain focus and boost your spirits while the websites for studying. Being optimistic and looking on the bright side all of the time is, however, impossible from a human perspective. TED can help in this situation. Although many people may be familiar with TED due to all of the Talk it presents, this organization offers much more than just inspirational speeches. TED-ed is a distinct section of the TED website as their YouTube channel. People can explain reading recommendations and well-known cultural artifacts on TED-ed, such as books, movies, and other items. Additionally, a completely different section of the book and many other related article recommendations can be found on their website. is undoubtedly a useful site for students who have constantly sought knowledge inside and outside the class.


Project Gutenberg, also known as simply "Gutenberg," is a learning platform that houses more than 60,000 e-books. This website performs precisely like a library and is available to students. A book is made available to the students for a set period, after which their access is terminated. Users can download and use a variety of formats from the enormous library, including PDFs and epub copies. This website can help students and aid in their best education websites given that libraries have closed effects of the pandemic.

Wolfram Alpha:

Your academic issues can occasionally become frustrating, and you frequently find yourself going around in circles. Wolfram Alpha will be their best friend in this situation. Although this website is continually associated with math problem-solving, it offers much more. Wolfram Alpha improves online learning by presenting numerous insights into every conceivable subject. The web page also has an incredible tool for answering mathematical problems and instructs users on how to arrive at a resolution. It is the year 2021, and neither teachers nor students enjoy Wikipedia. Wolfram Alpha can consequently efficiently rescue the day.