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Make sure your Website is mobile friendly
  • 17 Mar 2023

Make sure your Website is mobile friendly

Our lives now cannot exist without mobile phones. According to Statista research, there will be 7.5 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2026, up from 6.64 billion as of 2022. Mobile platforms will generate 59% of all web traffic in the second half of 2022, making up more than half of all web traffic worldwide. Designers & developers must concentrate on offering a flawless website Experience on mobile devices with the rising mobile usage. As a result, website owners must consider the following:

How can a website be made mobile-friendly?

How can a website be made cross-browser compatible?

How can the mobile website be optimized to maximize conversions?

Use a Responsive Layout.

A responsive layout enables a website to resize itself based on the device used to view it. That allows the website to adapt to various screen sizes without causing rendering issues. Since the web page realigns its appearance accordingly, its responsive layout works nicely on mobile and desktop platforms.

A responsive design website increases a website's SEO value because Google prefers pagination and ranking mobile-friendly websites example. Incorporating a mobile app that allows can significantly help websites rank higher in Google searches.

Do you need to test the mobile responsiveness of your website?

Try running a quick test with Solution Corridor Responsive while developing a mobile-friendly website.

Type in the website address, and the instrument will show the site on different real devices, including the Rog Phone 10, iPhone X, iPod Touch, etc.

Testers can observe how a website looks on mobile screens and begin optimizing it to make it mobile-friendly.

The responsive tester performs responsive tests on actual device-browser combinations. As a direct consequence, users receive precise test insights. As a result, an all-inclusive experience had provided.

Improve Website Speed

Any website's first impression has influenced by speed. A website's abandonment rate rises to 47% if it takes longer than two seconds to load, while even a one-second interruption in page responding can lower conversions by 7%.

Because Google considers website-positive speed the main factor, web developers must do everything they can significantly raise website speed.

Run a website performance trial on Solution Corridor Speed Lab to evaluate a website's loading time. Add the URL, then select Start. This free tool rates the speed of websites on the type of actual browser-device combinations, giving them a rating out of 100 for both desktop and Mobile-friendly platforms.

The Use of Subtle Pop-Ups

Users do not like getting unexpected pop-ups when they browse the web, especially mobile users. Users are occasionally even more irritated when the X mark to close this pop-up is not sufficiently visible. If developers & designers must display advertisements, they must do so in a direct fashion.

One of the most frequent Mobile-friendly website design errors that lower your opportunities for mobile conversions is the implementation of irrelevant pop-ups. That will enrage your prospects and turn them into angry customers. A few techniques for implementing subtle pop-ups:

Only use the pop-up after the reader has scrolled down 70% to 80% of the webpage.

A mobile-optimized design should match the pop-up design.

Make the pop-CTA up's buttons clear and actionable.

Include the Viewport Meta tag.

For the website to be the right size on all devices, developers can control the viewport's width and scale by incorporating the Meta tag. Depending on the device's larger screen being used to view the page, the viewport in how to make your website mobile friendly code instructs this same browser to adjust the width of the web page.

Clear the clutter from your web design.

Web designers must take care to avoid clogging the website by placing all functionality on one page. When there are too many elements on a page, it becomes confusing for users to navigate. Provide only the essential functions upfront that users will actively seek. Focus on a clean, minimalist design with simple navigation for a seamless user experience.

The Hamburger button, one of the fundamental components of contemporary web design, can be incorporated by developers.

When used, the entire menu had opened by mobile users with just one click.

That facilitates navigation and creates a more visually appealing environment.

Update Content with Caution

The effectiveness of the website as a whole may suffer while testing out mobile web designs & content CRO initiatives. Make sure the content is well-oriented and readable on mobile devices.


Solution Corridor develops a mobile-friendly website, but the mobile-optimized website must also provide a spotless consumer experience across another device-browser-OS combination.