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Marketing Automation Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • 20 Jan 2023

Marketing Automation Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

On sociable networking places or other outlets, you might occasionally discover "strange behaviors" if you're a watchful marketer. The concern is that anything is somewhat off.

There is nothing concerning what you are observing. In reality, you can benefit from it and learn from it. Marketing automation Zoo’s work may be here. With more than 200 networks and trillions of members worldwide, social media has been totally out of hand, rendering it impossible for businesses to still be experimental in all of these.

Just keeping an active profile with one social network requires a full-time job.

Automation in marketing is the solution:

Most likely, you've heard of this phrase. If you're not foolproof rigorously about what it means, don't move rotten. Most marketers—90%—don't.

That is going to alter for you today.

In this marketing automation article, I'll explain strictly what marketing automation is agreeably and how to use it to build your audience, website traffic, and lead generation on autopilot.

However, to do that, we must first examine what marketing automation is. Solution Corridor provides a Marketing automation course that helps you grow your business.


We counted some other meanings for marketing automation in our comprehensive reference. On it, Hub spot has written a lengthy article.

Some of them refer to marketing automation tools techniques, others as software, and yet others only refer to it as a component of customer relationship building.

Why don't we only keep it simple, people? You can easily infer from the phrase itself what marketing automation CRM entails you automate yours.


Technology is a crucial component of the process because automation is a must in every case.

As a result, we may describe marketing automation in the following way:

The practice of optimizing, automating, and measuring repetitive online marketing processes using technologies and software is known as marketing automation.

All that it has is that. You can virtually forever assume that you have a method of automating a job if you begin saving repeatedly.

That will enable you to streamline the assignment's completion, save time by not having to carry out the task yourself, and regularly monitor the task's performance.

By permitting you to dedicate more time to crucial tasks, marketing automation companies aims to improve your marketing abilities.


You can partially automate the following three significant facets of online marketing.

Marketing via email comes first. Using the software, you may set up specific emails constantly delivered in response to triggering actions like filling out a sign-up form. Your emails can be automated in two different ways: distribution and delivery.

It is on who signed up and where you may constantly divide your email list. Last but not least, auto responders are a fantastic technique to automate email sales.

The second is social media. You can currently automate the issuance of your content across the plurality of social media networks thanks to thousands of third-party software packages. However, you can also use social media automation to grow your business by automatically contacting prospects and followers.

Methods for implementing email marketing automation:

Segmenting your subscribers according to their source is the first step you can take to automate your email marketing.

Since Mail chimp is a free platform and I'm aware that the majority use it first when they start, I'll walk you through how to accomplish it on that platform.


Go to your email in your account. When you are through scrolling, select "add a field. Make a dropdown for it.

Enter the name of both the traffic source into your list field. For instance, if you intend to tag every subscriber who joined as a result of reading anyone your blog pieces on Medium, give the area the label "Medium. “To make your form field invisible, uncheck the "Visible?" checkbox. After that, just one option should remain in the list field alternatives, and it should be labeled "Yes.” When everything is ready, select "save changes. “Asking your subscribers will also enable you to segment your current list. For instance, Convert Kit enables marketers to tag subscribers based on links visitors check on. Therefore, It could simply designate everybody who clicks a link to my most recent conversion optimization guide as "Interested in conversion optimization" when I send out an email containing one.


I notify subscribers whenever I submit a new blog entry on Quick Blossom or

I do this with a straightforward message. This type of online marketing is an example of Marketing automation that could be controlled. Only pick a new campaign under campaigns in Mail chimp to ensure your bloggers are sent to your email automatically. Next, select the RSS campaign. I could input my blog's URL if I wanted to send automatically present posts on the corresponding node as nicely.

Spam emails can't be delivered utilizing this improperly. Your clients will immediately recognize a hoax.

By automating the tasks you don't have time for, you can provide your clients with a steady supply of valuable information.