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Post Valuable Content on Social Media
  • 20 Mar 2023

Post Valuable Content on Social Media

What kind of material is worthwhile for social media posts? In our social selling training programme, this is a question that we get from both consumers and salespeople rather frequently. In reality, we have conducted an in-depth study on content value for social media over the past few years as part of our digital sales training programme. Our objective was to establish what sort of information gives the greatest value for the individual publishing and for the connections of that person. We were interested in finding out what kind of material provides the highest levels of interaction and success.

What is valuable content for social media?

Teams evaluate the value of the information in several ways. These are a few useful applications for content.

Drive top-of-funnel traffic

Deeper degrees of knowledge and comprehension of your offerings result from nurturing

White papers or PDF information that provides buyers with more in-depth understanding and education

Content is used by marketing and sales teams in a variety of ways to enhance their lead generation, demand generation, and pipeline construction initiatives. Our study has uncovered extremely distinct information on the kind of material that is most beneficial for sales professionals to develop their brands, widen their target networks, and start new dialogues with ideal clients on social media.

The content value pyramid:

The Content Value Pyramid shows the kind of material that generates the most value, engagement, earned media, and conversation among company executives and salespeople.

Use original audio in reels:

It has long been a tried-and-true method for growing an Instagram following: locate a popular Reels audio clip, create a Reel, gain thousands of new followers, and repeat. Those times have passed. Yes, you can still use Michael from The Office as your voiceover, and sure, it could help your Instagram grow a little. Yet in 2023, original audio will rule. Instead, why can come up with some of your amusing sketches or choose the most basic Reel? You and a camera equal responding to queries from consumers.

Start a series:

You may be familiar with #Throwback Thursday and #SundayFunday, but rather than recycling these stale fads, start your own daily or weekly series. It's more original, and it'll make your content preparation process easier. You won't have to come up with three fresh post concepts for the next week because you'll already be familiar with the structure and subject of your series and can start working on it right away. Keep a rolling record of all your ideas, choose one to shoot each week, or film and plan them all at once a month or more in advance for maximum efficiency. On YouTube, in-depth instructional programmes perform very well. Make a YouTube playlist and link to it from the description of each video to keep viewers interested.

Invest in UGC content:

User-generated content, or UGC, is nothing new, but if you haven't already gotten on board, now is the moment. UGC material, like influencer marketing, is produced by individuals rather than a company, but historically, UGC content is generated by genuine, unpaid consumers. Why even try? Compared to brand-created material, your customers are 2.4 times more likely to interact with UGC. Sincerity sells. Make up a hashtag that your clients may use, and then display their images or videos in your stream.

Keep it simple:

Takeaway: When it comes to coming up with social media content ideas, some firms are more fortunate than others. What kind of material, irrespective of language, region, culture, demographics, or hobbies, is universally enjoyed by everyone? The San Diego Zoo doesn't overthink its approach to creating social media content. Individuals are given charming animal videos since they are popular with viewers. Sometimes it truly is that simple.