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Practices to create the best e-commerce product page
  • 06 Jan 2023

Practices to create the best e-commerce product page

When a visitor arrives on your website, they browse the various category pages before clicking on one of the products. It's crunch time, and to enhance stickiness, you need to have well-designed e-commerce product pages. You must watch out that the website is neither either basic nor overloaded with content. Since customers cannot touch, feel, or even wear your items before making a purchase, the layout and content of your product page decide whether or not a visitor becomes a customer.

Some of the following lists are given below:

Use big and clear images:

According to research, articles with supporting photographs receive 94% more views than those without. When it comes to e-commerce product pages, this number is much more important.

·         Visitors to your product pages are visually informed about your goods by the image. Therefore, using a high-resolution, zoomable image and positioning it above the fold is one of the fundamental best practices for e-commerce product pages. Additionally, giving users a comprehensive view of the items by using many photographs taken from various perspectives gave the website an extra edge.

·         Images significantly affect a website's usability and overall user experience (UX), as well as conversion and sales rates. You should be careful of the download time for product page images. It's important to remember that not everyone has a super-fast. The bottom line may suffer as a result of an Internet connection and a lengthy load time.

·         Utilize visual commerce to build strong relationships with your consumers by inviting them to post pictures of themselves wearing your items online. This will serve as social evidence and also persuade and motivate other people to make purchases.

·         Larger product images have been effective for companies like Hyundai, which utilized VWO to conduct a multivariate test and saw a 62% increase in test-driving requests. Smaller product images, on the other hand, can turn users away. For instance, this picture of a vacuum cleaner simply gives the page and the website an unprofessional and untrustworthy appearance.

Add prominent call to option:

The call-to-action (CTA) button would be towards the top of any list of the crucial components for e-commerce product pages:

·         A CTA might be any button, such as add to cart or purchase a new one. It must be simple to recognize and should motivate the visitor to take action.

·         In many civilizations, different colors signify various things. There are two things to consider while choosing a color. First, consider if your target audience will feel the feeling you are looking for when they see that hue. Second, consider how it contrasts with the other colors on the page. The CTA should ideally stand out to attract customers' attention.

·         Remember that various terms have varied meanings in different nations when choosing the text. Check out, for instance, how Amazon modifies the CTA wording on its US page.

Ease navigation between pages:

To help people know where they are, utilize breadcrumb navigation. Visitors may travel to different areas of interest and comprehend the hierarchy of the products with the aid of breadcrumb navigation. They have a history of lowering bounce rates.

Create urgency:

Enforcing the scarcity/urgency concept on eCommerce product pages is another great practice. Products that are selling out quickly might encourage consumers to convert more quickly. Here are some reasons why scarcity is one of the best conversion tactics: When selling their final few tickets, airlines frequently use the scarcity concept. The lesson? Give your buyers as little time as possible to consider their purchase. Instill a sense of urgency so they will take immediate action. Your weapon of scarcity or urgency may be the final day of a promotion, the final two hours of free delivery, or the final three things in stock. Make your weapons.