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Promote your website through SEO
  • 07 Dec 2022

Promote your website through SEO

Promote your website through SEO

You have come to the right place if you want your website to attract customers rather than just visitors. Solution corridor is the best digital consultant that providing Cheap Search Engine Optimization SEO services in dubai.

We'll talk about the seven best ways to promote your website without a lot of money or prior marketing experience in this guide.

·         What's better?

·         Each tactic is

·         Tried-and-tested

·         scalable, with no one-time hack

·         cost-free or inexpensive

·         Easy to understand and use

·         Let's get going

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most cost-effective methods for acquiring new customers is search engine optimization. Your SEO strategy can help you generate leads while you sleep without spending a penny if executed correctly solution corridor has the best team of SEO experts.

Keep in mind that SEO is a very broad subject, and this article only addresses the essential points. We suggest reading this guide if you want to become an expert.

Getting your site on Google

Imagine a scenario in which a potential client hears about your company and wants more information. Even when they search by brand name, they turn to Google but are unable to locate your company.

This nightmare of digital marketing can occur in one of two ways: you don't have a website or you have one that Google doesn't index.

It is essential to add your domain to your Google Search Console account after creating a new website so that you can request indexing, monitor your performance, and resolve any issues related to search.

Keyword research

Research assists you with figuring out what watchwords or subjects you ought to target, other than your image name.

Note: We use topics because a page will never rank for a single keyword. The majority of pages rank for hundreds or thousands of variations on keywords. When conducting keyword research, it is essential to keep this in mind.

The ideal keywords satisfy the following criteria:

Search volume: Even the most compelling content will not receive any visitors if no one searches for your keywords.

Competitors are few: You need to focus on keywords for which you can rank by creating content of a higher quality than what is already available. More on this later.

Relevant for your company: Ranking for keywords that will never bring you customers is pointless.

Creating search optimized content

In order to achieve the best performance possible, there are a few fundamental rules you must adhere to when optimizing existing pages or creating new ones.

There are approximately 200 ranking factors, but there are only a few important ones you should actively consider.

Ensure a positive user experience. The design and interaction of your website can have a significant impact on your SEO.

People will leave your website and never return, for example, if your content is difficult to read or if it loads slowly, which will hurt your search engine rankings significantly over time.

Because of this, your website must offer:

·         Page loads quickly;

·         Intuitive navigation and design;

·         Valid text;

·         media and images that catch the eye;

·         Experience that is mobile-friendly.

·         Copywriting best practices like these are essential when creating content for your website or blog:

·         No grammatical or spelling errors;

·         Concise and short, with no unnecessary fluff;

·         Advice that can be implemented

·         Make use of synonyms to avoid repetition;

·         Use hooks, cliffhangers, and emotional triggers.


Clean technical SEO

Meta data that tells Google and other search engines what your content is about must be added as your pages are built.

Your page title, Meta description, and URL, which make up your page snippet in a search engine results page, are the most crucial components. You will have a better chance of attracting potential customers and boosting your rankings if your snippet is more compelling and relevant to the search query.

You won't need to edit any code to edit these elements in the majority of website builders.

Backlink building

A link from a third-party website typically indicates that you are providing high-quality content. Backlinks are one of Google's most important ranking factors for this reason.

The best digital marketers employ an outreach strategy to improve their website's backlink profile, despite the fact that the majority of backlinks are obtained naturally.

Numerous outreach strategies can be found in our in-depth SEO guide, but the most common are as follows:

Step 1: Locate an opportunity for backlinks

Step 2: Obtain the website manager's contact information’s end a personalized message outlining your value proposition and following up. Keep in mind that the more competitive the keywords you're targeting, the more backlinks you'll need to rank.


Similar to the above-mentioned SEO strategies, you can create YouTube videos that help your business rank for your desired keywords and attract customers.

Due to the fact that only a small number of businesses produce high-quality videos on the platform, YouTube can be a gold mine for individuals with video production skills and niche industries.

Your target audience will also see your videos in the suggested or "up next" videos if you do them right, which will help you get even more organic views!

Keyword research choosing the keywords you want to target is the first step in any video SEO strategy.

Similar to conventional keyword research, you should concentrate on subjects that include: search volume, low rivalry, and are applicable to your business.

In any case, with YouTube, we've seen that as it's simpler to look for your objective watchwords and take a gander at the quantity of perspectives for the highest level recordings essentially. You will get a good idea of the volume of searches from this.

You can use common sense to determine whether the top-ranked videos are of high quality to determine the competition. It should be much simpler for you to rank higher than them with your videos if the videos are of poor quality, irrelevant, or don't adequately answer the search query. A general guideline is: You should probably try to make a better video than what is currently available.

Pro tip: Utilize YouTube's autocomplete to locate popular ideas and search terms.

Content creation

Solution corridor has the expert team of content writers that will help you to gain Best and Cheap Search Engine Optimization SEO services. After conducting research on your keywords and the competition, it is time to produce an outstanding video.

The following are the most crucial considerations:

Intro that grabs viewers' attention the first 15 seconds of your video are crucial for doing so. We recommend using the Preview-Proof-Preview (PPP) method to introduce your video, even though there are a million different ways to do so.


Interrupt the status quo

In a long-form video, there are many ways to keep viewers interested.

Longer videos can be more enjoyable by changing the angles of the camera and adding images, graphs, music, and other types of media.

Optimize for click-through rate

There is a title, a description, and a thumbnail in your video snippet:

Your thumbnail should be designed to stand out from competing videos. While optimizing the copy to get people to click on your video, you should also include your target keywords in the title and description.

Say your target keywords

Although this may appear to be fairly straightforward, you should ensure that your videos include your intended keywords and phrases. YouTube checks the audio of your video to make sure that the title, description, and video tags match what is being said.

User interactions

You have a better chance of ranking if more people comment, like, share, and subscribe to your videos.

A great way to get people to comment on your video is to, for instance, pose a question at the end.