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Software House in Dubai
  • 26 Jun 2023

Software House in Dubai

Solution Corridor is a Software House and Digital Consultant that works with businesses to create safe, superior digital solutions that advance their operations.

Our high-empathy design and iterative development methodology enable us to assure speedy delivery and a precise match to your company while lowering risk.

Business Software Dubai,

We can help you 'wow' more quickly

Human-Centric Design

We use a design-first strategy with a laser-like emphasis on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. We aim to make your end consumers happy.

Fanatic Focus on You

We are here to make your vision a reality and fast transform an intangible concept into usable software—built by highly qualified staff.

Easy to Work With

Collaboration is valued more highly than contracts. We strive to make the trip simpler for end users by putting ourselves in their shoes.

Custom Software Development

We can create Custom Software Dubai solutions for mobile, web, and desktop thanks to our technical competence and commercial sensibility. The team at Solution Corridor a Software House and Digital Consultant that develops bespoke software takes care of all phases of a project, including validation, development, maintenance, and support.

Enterprise Software Development

Purchase large-scale business Software Development Dubai to handle problems that impact the whole firm. With our expertise in corporate software development, we'll help you establish a future-ready business.

Mobile App Development

With the creation of Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid, and Progressive Web Apps, we assist enterprises. With the help of our expertise in mobile app development, you can meet consumer demands, build brand recognition, and encourage growth.

Product Engineering

Future-ready software products come from scalable Software House Dubai. You have an advantage over rivals because of it. We take advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements to help customers overcome difficult business obstacles.

UI/UX Development

Not only are fonts, colors, images, and logos part of the design. The goal of user interface and user experience (UI/UX) development is to provide users with the information they need in the simplest manner feasible. We aim to provide your consumers with a complete visual experience.

Web Development

Get a user-friendly online interface that makes it easier for your consumers to get information. We create user-friendly Web Applications Dubai that enhance corporate performance and achieve scaleable revenue targets.

Business Software Dubai

Quality Assurance

There is more to quality assurance (QA) than bug fixes. Setting up quality standards throughout the development phase is referred to as QA. Every project we work on is put through a rigorous quality control procedure to guarantee that the solutions are bug-free.

DevOps Services

DevOps just produces additional work. Teams become more joyful and effective as a result. We assist you in undergoing system-wide DevOps changes in terms of tech, culture, and procedures.

Remote High Performing Teams

You may access a larger talent pool and make up for a lack of knowledge, resources, or experience inside your company by using remote teams. Let us manage your talent needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Why collaborate with us?

Elastic Software Product Teams

To build agile teams that successfully execute strategy and purpose, we bring together the appropriate software engineers, UX designers, full-stack developers, DevOps experts, test automation engineers, Business Software Dubai, and product managers.

Product Modernization

Utilize fresh opportunities with the help of our Product Modernization services. To remain relevant and acquire a competitive edge, outdated applications must be modernized. We support your efforts to adapt to new technological developments and client concerns.

All the Tech

We have the proper skills to help you create your ideal product, whether it be Cloud Native SAAS, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions, AI and IoT Connectivity Solutions, API Development, Big Data Solutions, or Infrastructure Support.

Research and Innovation

pushing the limits of a current product? developing a new market that defines a genre? We can assist you in identifying the ideal innovation, starting with the prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), that will set your company apart from the competition.


What software company is the most well-known?

Microsoft offers the Azure cloud computing service, the Windows computer operating system software, and the Office application suite. The biggest software firm in the world also creates tablet computers, gaming consoles, and server applications.

How can I start a software company in Dubai?

Documents Needed to Form a Software Company in Dubai

copies of each partner's passport, both resident and ex-pat.

If the firm has a resident partner, a copy of the naturalization book

No Refusal Letter from the Present Employer (only for a Resident Partner)

The first approval fee must be paid.

How much is a license for Dubai Studio City?

approximately 48,000 AED

The licenses that Dubai Studio City offers

In the DSC free zone, getting a license costs around AED 48,000. Rent and immigration fees are also included in the pricing. Additionally, getting your license just takes a week or so.