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Top best SMS marketing services in Dubai
  • 02 Jan 2023

Top best SMS marketing services in Dubai

SMS marketing services in Dubai is one of the most effective marketing channels for reaching your target audience today. The UAE ranks first among the top countries in the world in terms of Smartphone usage, and with an average age of 35 years, this country is highly likely to be receptive to your message. Solution can help you promote your company.

SMS marketing service Dubai is inexpensive. You can send a single SMS to multiple people using solution corridor SMS marketing service Dubai. The cost of sending an SMS is extremely low. And, with the right SMS marketing service Dubai, you will achieve better results than with other methods. You can also contact solution corridor, a Dubai-based company that specializes in SMS campaign UAE, for technical assistance. The SMS campaign UAE firm will assist you in making the most of your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS services in Dubai

While traditional marketing methods continue to be effective, bulk SMS marketing Dubai is a cost-effective way to reach the UAE market. With a high mobile phone user base in the UAE, bulk SMS marketing Dubai is an excellent way to reach your target audience. You will be able to send relevant messages to your target audience using this technology. Furthermore, bulk SMS marketing Dubai is an effective way to reach a non-Internet-connected audience. So, start SMS marketing in Dubai with solution corridor today!

Hiring the best SMS marketing company in Dubai is an efficient way to reach a large number of people. It is also an effective method of generating instant responses. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, UAE allows you to reach your target SMS marketing in Dubai audience quickly. You can get an immediate response to your message by using company or brand names. Furthermore, UAE SMS marketing is very inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for your company. So, if you're looking for an effective SMS campaign Dubai, get in touch with solution corridor right away!

Regardless of the internet-based mobile applications that have flooded the market, SMS communication is still the most desired when it comes to marketing businesses on mobile devices. There has been some concern that WhatsApp is eclipsing SMS in terms of market share. What people fail to realize is that WhatsApp has only made inroads into personal communication. SMS communication is unrivalled in business marketing.

The UAE is home to some of the world's best SMS service providers. Here's our top ten:


Dataslices, a digital media company, provides its customers with targeted SMS marketing, SMS gateway services, SMS long and short codes, and bulk SMS solutions. It was founded in 2004 and specializes in behavioral and contextual customer targeting for the placement of digital marketing ads. Among their clients are Adidas, Air Arabia, Audi, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Citibank, Carrefour, and Emaar, to name a few.


Expert Digital System, founded in 2004, offers services such as SMS marketing packages, online marketing, ecommerce systems, and content management. Their clients are spread across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and they have used the concept of targeting SMS marketing on niche demographic audiences across small and mid-size businesses. Toyota, Atlantis - The Palm, Centre point, Barclays - Dubai, and American Hospital Dubai are among its prestigious clients.


Wisoft Solutions is a bulk SMS service provider in Dubai. It also offers digital marketing and communications services. It excels in marketing areas such as Global SMS Platform,du SMS Marketing, and 2 Way SMS. Wisoft has emerged as a leader in SMS communication in Dubai and the UAE, having executed hundreds of successful campaigns for clients in education, hospitality, ecommerce, and real estate acrossways the Middle East and North Africa region.

UAE SMS marketing

UAE SMS Marketing, founded in 2005, provides SMS marketing and Gateway services to over 300 network operators in 100 countries worldwide. The company is well-known for providing its customers with a secure, high-capacity, and dependable messaging platform.

Leads Dubai

Leads Dubai, a subsidiary of Sandesh Solutions FZE, is a lead generation firm that was founded in January 2012. It focuses on digital marketing activities such as mobile marketing. Some of their prestigious clients include Life care, DNRD, Ministry of Public Works, AMIS, and others.

The goal of an SMS service is to increase business sales, raise brand awareness, and create loyal customers. All of the companies mentioned above appeared to have done just that for their customers, making them the best SMS marketing companies in the UAE.