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Top best Social Media Marketing services in Dubai
  • 22 Dec 2022

Top best Social Media Marketing services in Dubai

Social media marketing services can make things simpler for you. To help you attract customers, they develop brand-specific plans for community management, content production, and strategy for social media & influencer marketing.

If you want to execute influencer marketing for your brand from beginning to end, you can use an automatic SaaS platform like Solution Corridor. To find the correct influencers, it enables you to search for them by their name, age, industry, audience, geography, brand affinities, following count, engagement metrics, and other criteria. The tools provided by Solution Corridor help you manage influencers and assess the success of your campaign.

However, there are also social media marketing firms that, while they might not specialize in influencer marketing, can assist you with the other digital services by getting to know your brand objectives.

Blue Beetle:

Website creation, online advertising, email campaigns, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing are among the services offered by Blue Beetle in Dubai. By establishing goals, developing a consumer profile, conducting analyses, and developing a content marketing strategy again for social media platforms, it connects businesses and audiences.

With the use of blogs, pages, emails, call-to-actions, forms, polls, and social engagement, the agency establishes a digital presence.

Some of the company's clients include names like Global Hotel Partnership, Shell, Biz Group, Boulevard, Atlantis on Palm, and Emaar.


Offering paid advertising, leader, branding, social network management, and web and app development services, Igloo is indeed a full-service brand marketing and social media advertising business in Dubai.

Objectives, material style, audience interests, preferred platforms, tags, and budget are all handled by the social media team. The scheduled meetings option enables the business to comprehend the objectives and needs of the brand.

Leading companies including Chicco, Mother Earth, Himalaya, Eros, and Louis Widmer have collaborated with it.

Traffic Digital:

A digital marketing company called Traffic Digital offers digital marketing services to businesses. The agency, which provides customer-focused services, has previously worked with well-known companies like Rexona, Honda, DP Global, Pepsi, and UNICEF.

This social marketing company in Dubai offers a wide range of services for businesses. Such as participation in communities, social media architecture, graphics, photography, videography, content strategy, performance evaluation, and more.

Four offices, one each in Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, serve as its operational hubs.

TOP Agency:

A digital media agency in Dubai called TOP Agency focuses on industries like tourism, education, administration, B2B, digital, health, and finance, among others. The business offers digital marketing services, such as profile administration, social media advertising, content production, and audience engagement.

More than 25 nations, including Dubai, Rotterdam, Atlanta, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, and New York, use TOP Agency's services.

The company concentrates on influencer marketing, branding, copywriting, media affairs, graphic arts, website development, and other areas in addition to social media management.

Outreach Marketing:

Outreach Marketing is a social media agency with a base in Dubai that specializes in online marketing, SEO, website design, animations, online marketing, outdoor media, branding, sponsored advertisements, and video-making services.

The company provides content production, brand management, community building, advertising, content planning and development, statistics, and reporting to assist brands in managing their social media platforms.

Brands can use the platform to request service quotes based on their needs. The firm has worked with brands like Nestlé, Agate Kitchen, Makeup Studio, Delo, and Caltex.

GCC Marketing:

GCC Marketing began operations in Dubai before expanding to Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Far East.

GCC Marketing offers four different pricing packages for its social media marketing services, with prices beginning at 1500 AED. Employer identity, copywriting, SEO audits, reports filling, social media calendars, pixel setup, managed services, and many other services are included in various packages depending on the needs of the firm.

It provides services to the construction, mine, oil & gas, milk, automotive, industrial, energy, tourist, eCommerce, and real estate industries.

Back Rock, Beautiful World, Paya residential real, HCM, Jiana, and Verve management are a few of the business' clientele.

Brand Stallion:

An inbound marketing company called Brand Stallion offers a range of services, including social media marketing, digital marketing, and website design.

The company uses a variety of social media marketing techniques, such as community relations, social media graphic arts, social media content development, and photography and videography, to boost the outcomes for clients.

Colgate, Nike, Arif Habib, Miniso, and other well-known brands have been used by the company in the past.

Novicom Marketing Group:

The Netherlands-based Novicom Marketing Group eventually acquired a Dubai office.

The business began as a digital agency in Dubai, offering a range of digital services including content creation, social media marketing, data analytics, and marketing plans and campaigns.

Novicom handles community management, storytelling-based content production, social media interaction, advertising, and management.

Major companies like Red Bulls, Nike, Mercedes, and Pepsi have collaborated with it.

InCycle Marketing:

InCycle Marketing, a social media marketing company based in Dubai, specializes in content production, strategy development, competitor analysis, and crisis management on social media. The business develops methods that are audience-focused in order to build enduring partnerships.

It runs a number of social networking websites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The business also offers website construction, branding, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and other services. Leading companies including J.K. Poulsen, Zagara, Bodily Maze, & Mio Law Firm rely on InCycle's work.

Kingsmen Agency:

The Google, Facebook, and YouTube-approved social media company in Dubai are called Kingsmen Agency. Content creation, administration, development, and community interaction are all part of its social media tactics.

It provides four options, with monthly prices beginning at 1500 AED. Additionally, the business offers services for website creation, SMS marketing, public relations, and event planning.

The Mansion, Wilken, Wise Productions, Citiscape, Dubai Diamond, and Hype are just a few of the 94 customers that Kingsmen Agency is now working with.