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Ways for Increasing Local Traffic with Google My Business
  • 25 Feb 2023

Ways for Increasing Local Traffic with Google My Business

Do you want your company to be seen by thousands of individuals who are looking for the goods or services you provide? Did you know that Dubai-based digital marketing agencies use Google My Company to do this? The optimization of Google My Business optimization service enables your company to appear in local searches, increase organic website traffic, and stimulate sales.

According to Solution Corridor, the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, Google Business Profile appears to be a free online tool that was developed by Google and is intended to assist business owners in the process of creating and managing their presence online in Google and other services provided by Google, such as Google Maps. When used well, Google My Business seems to be a powerful tool that, in addition to providing you with beneficial information about your customers, has the potential to boost the revenue of your firm.

GMB is the most influential platform for businesses that want to increase their presence in the local community. An experienced team of SEO specialists working for a digital marketing company in Dubai uses Google my agency profiles as part of their strategy for using place-based digital marketing strategy.

To increase the amount of local traffic and search visibility your Google Business Page receives, it is recommended that you follow the suggestions provided in this article.

Google My Business Optimization

The optimization of Google My Business is the first and most essential step in the execution of any local SEO strategy. According to a digital marketing company based in Dubai, just listing and authenticating your company will not boost its Google My Business ranking checker in search results even if you do both of these things. To boost their position in search engine results pages (SERP), businesses should work to enhance their GMB listings. The following are some suggestions that will assist you in keeping your listing thoroughly optimized so that it receives higher exposure on the internet.

Make Sure Your Data Is Exact, Current, and Correct

The following is the essential company information even if your Google My Company page has many distinct sections:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Information about a website
  • Description
  • Business Category
  • Attributes

A basis for your regional SEO is provided by the fact that this information is indexed by Search On google, Google Maps, and Google+.

To Share Your Updates, Add Business Posts

Google enables company owners to publish free postings to their GMB listings. The web exposure of your company might be increased by using these postings. This alternative:

Posting and disseminating eye-catching information, such as forthcoming events or local happenings

Present any fresh goods or services to your clientele

Let folks know about any recent offerings you make.

Take Consumer Reviews into Account and Respond to Them

The heart of local search is reviews about your company.

An appealing equation comes from the digital marketing firm in Dubai and reads as follows:

Better sales are the result of more positive evaluations.

Most people like things that other people value. More than 90% of consumers choose goods and services with positive evaluations for this reason.

You have the chance to increase the number of visitors who become customers if your company evaluations consistently get a flawless 5-star rating.

Track Consumer Paths with Google My Business Insights

What you can learn from Google My Page Insights is:

Where buyers may locate your profile (Google Search vs. Maps)

The activities that your clients perform in response to your GMB profile (Visiting your site, clicking on directions, browsing the photo gallery, calling you)

Regions in which your clients reside (based on direction queries)

With the aid of all this data, digital marketing campaigns may be created to take into account the conversion paths of your clients.

Use GMB Messaging To Interact With Customers

What if a consumer has a question about the service you offer? What if they try to contact you other than via calls?

70% of company prospects would rather be reached by text message than just a direct phone contact, according to studies by Solution Corridor, the leading digital marketing firm in Dubai. Even according to SEO specialists, SMS messaging converts more effectively than mobile advertising.

Google introduced texting functionality for this reason. The ability to interact directly with consumers, respond to their questions, go through feedback, and foster greater loyalty is a feature that business owners may enable.

You may develop a stronger relationship with your consumer's thanks to this function. The public will see your company as being more open, which will boost credibility and boost sales.

There are several methods for your clients to find you online. For prospective clients who are seeking your item, service, or experience, the Google My Business account presents your crucial company information.

One of the top digital marketing agencies in Dubai, Solution Corridor helps businesses by promoting their brands to prospective consumers. In addition to developing adaptable websites, we also develop digital marketing plans, provide web security services, and handle any other IT-related needs.

We can assist you with establishing your Google My Company profile as well as your overall digital marketing plan. Get in touch with us right away and let's work together to expand your company.


 The ability to interact directly with consumers, respond to their questions, go through feedback, and foster greater loyalty is a feature that business owners may enable. There are several methods for your clients to find you online.