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What Are Twitter Carousel Ads?
  • 28 Feb 2023

What Are Twitter Carousel Ads?

There is no denying the effectiveness of PPC advertisements, yet what if you would like to step up your advertising? Using making Twitter carousel advertising, you can.

Twitter Carousel Ads first appeared in 2020. Twitter recently introduced the opportunity for marketers to target various audiences with distinctive URLs and headlines, giving them more freedom.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, however, since I'm here to cover all the fundamentals right now. To boost your likelihood of succeeding with the format, I'll also go over best practices, provide you with advice for making Twitter carousel advertising, and provide samples.

Ready? Let's begin by going over the basics.

An Overview of Carousel Advertising

A more recent kind of advertising on Twitter enables companies to include numerous photos and videos inside a single ad.

These advertisements let marketers promote a product as well as a service or tell a narrative, and consumers may swipe thru the edge-to-edge graphics. Moreover, carousels may be used by marketers to blend pictures and videos for increased variety while directing users to applications and landing sites.

You may target people with Twitter carousel advertising based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors just as you can with other PPC advertisements on the site.

Carousel advertisements provide companies with a simple way to interact with more consumers on Twitter, build brand recognition, encourage website visits and conversions, and create leads.

Why Use Twitter Carousel Ads?

Whenever it comes to employing carousel advertisements on Twitter, the options are almost limitless. Twitter carousel advertisements may also be used for

Sharing brief narratives, client feedback, or even behind-the-scenes video.

Exposing your business to prospective clients, promoting a deal or new product, or both.

Marketing several offerings and highlighting a variety of characteristics, goods, and services.

Displaying many goods or graphics in a single advertisement

Consider, too, that you're searching for a novel technique to attract notice. If true, there is just another justification for using Twitter carousel advertisements. This paradigm has a lot of benefits, such as:

Better targeted advertising: Everyone who uses that term is aware that the character restriction is 280, which doesn't always provide marketers with enough room to effectively pitch their goods. Nevertheless, by using several photos and videos, businesses may say more in a Twitter Post as well as provide a distinctive URL or headline to attract the kind of consumer they want.

Increased installations and buttons: When Twitter evaluated its carousel advertising, it discovered that, in comparison to its standard single asset advertisements, it increased average click-through rates by 15% and installs per view by an average of 24%. In comparison to single-asset advertisements, click-through rates for Twitter's multi-destination site carousel ads increased by 20% during beta testing, and by 25% for "campaigns that optimize for site visit conversion relative to single-asset ads."

Access to statistics: Twitter provides metrics and analytics so you can see how your racks are functioning and then modify your campaigns in light of the information.

Simple to use: By uploading your media and following the step-by-step instructions, you may make Twitter carousel advertising.

Engagement: The carousel's layout enables visitors to easily swipe between photos for increased interaction.

Reach your goals: Are you trying to raise awareness or do you want additional app downloads as well as video views? Fortunately, you can configure your campaigns to accomplish all of these goals and more.

How to Create a Twitter Carousel Advertisement

It's easy to get started with this ad type, even if you're new to the marketing industry and unsure of how to promote on Twitter. Simply carry out these actions.


Start by going to "Ads Manager" to configure Twitter carousel advertisements. Choose "creatives" and "Twitter composer" from there. Then:

Samples of Twitter Carousel Ads

Comic app In-app purchases are one of Comico's key sources of money; the company specializes in comics and manga. The Japanese corporation shares previews of its most well-liked content through Twitter carousel advertising.

Comico engages people on social media and entices them to go through as well as read the remainder of the narrative by tweeting teasers.

To entice viewers to visit Hyundai's website, the company's advertisements are combined with intriguing, engaging language and a URL.

The skincare company CeraVe has experience employing takeovers, which provide a large audience and enable your business to increase brand recognition and encourage tweets, for Twitter advertising.

Principles to Follow for Twitter Carousel Ads

There are a few recommended practices to adhere to while producing a carousel ad to make sure it is successful.

Secondly, make sure that every picture in your carousel is of good quality as well as relevant to your offering or message. Also, give each picture a compelling title and call to action. You may entice individuals to act, for example, by offering a discount, using the term "free," or creating a feeling of urgency with approaching deadlines.

The same applies to headlines. When personalizing your tweets, don't forget to emphasize their individuality, use strong language, and add the term "you."

Make sure your carousel is well-designed, second. Both the text and the photos should be simple to browse and read.

Next, make sure the people you are aiming at are accurate. Aim only at people who are likely to utilize your product as well as service.

Lastly, continuously test and improve your carousel ad campaign. Test out several photos and copies to find which ones perform best for you.

More recommendations for Twitter carousel advertising are provided below:

Tell your tale visually. Each carousel should have a storyline with a start, middle, and finish, just as a good tale should. The only distinction is that you're simply using pictures to convey this.

Target your audience based on the stage of the funnel. To increase prospects' awareness of your product or service, for instance, provide product photos if customers click through to the product pages.

Be careful to emphasize the advantages and make your product obvious and readable.

Use Twitter's multi-destination carousels to adapt your headlines and URLs to multiple landing pages and headlines.

Don't only depend on pictures. To encourage leads to take action, use strong and appealing headlines, in-depth descriptions, and persuasive CTAs.