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Text Messaging

Text Messaging

The cost of text message marketing services relies on some variables, including the vendor, the number of messages you'll send each month, the number of keywords you'll need, and if you anticipate sending more messages than your monthly allotment. Although some platforms charge extra for specific add-ons, implementation expenses, and hidden fees beyond what you see in your price plan are uncommon.

Text Message Marketing Features

There is more to text message marketing services than just sending texts. They are comprehensive marketing solutions that support audience engagement, outcome tracking, and customer service enhancement.

Knowing which of the numerous things you want might be difficult when shopping for a text message marketing company. Here are the characteristics that, in our opinion, organizations should prioritize looking for in a service.

Analytics and Reports

Text message marketing must include analytics. You may determine which campaigns were effective by looking at these figures. Analytics also reveals why people behaved in the manner they did.


You may schedule messages to be sent automatically at the same time every day, week, or month using automation technologies.

Contact Management

Without a sizable subscriber base to receive them, a text message marketing campaign is impossible. Your contacts are kept up-to-date, organized, and accessible using the contact management tool.

Customization Customers are far more likely to connect with your communications when they are personalized. Customers' complete names, birthdays, and ZIP codes are among the customer data that certain texting platforms collect, which gives your marketing campaigns more options. To express your gratitude for them as unique clients, you may give them discounts on their birthday or let them know about specials in their region. Your integrations may also be customized; SimpleTexting, for instance, offers free internal custom integration development.

Free Incoming Text Messages

The top text message marketing businesses provide free incoming texts. Because you just pay for the messages you deliver, you may enable your consumers to react to you without increasing your expenditures.

Choosing a Text Message Marketing Platform

To choose the ideal text message marketing platform for your requirements, follow these steps.

Think about what you need

Will you provide consumers with unique offers via your text message marketing platform, or will you only utilize it to remind them of appointments? Do you work in a sector like hospitality or healthcare where text message use cases are very specific? By providing yourself with the context you need, you can decide whether platforms for text message marketing are effective for your company.

Determine the top brands (particularly in your sector, if relevant)

Our top options for text message marketing are all well-known companies, some of them even in certain industries. For example, Tatango is perfect for nonprofit and political usage, whereas Zingle is made for hospitality use. Any trustworthy companies with a focus on your sector should be included in your list of potential buyers.

Read customer reviews

You may get some of the most accurate information about a platform from customer evaluations. They're an especially good technique to find out what previous and present customers think of a company's customer service. Additionally, they can assist you in figuring out if a platform is normally simple to use or a more challenging option.