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Book Design

Book Design

For self-publishers and first-time writers, we provide a wide range of book design services to assist in the production of a book that will be memorable in the printed and eBook markets. We can help you develop a unique book. Our book design services include:


Formatting of text, often taken from a Microsoft Word document

Personalized cover designs that are affordable for any price range

The scanning of artwork and photographic images

Scanning an already-published book involves capturing all of its visual elements, including text, illustrations, pictures, line drawings, and graphs.

Scanning the book jackets, paper cases, and covers of existing books. We will make every effort to rectify any imperfections that may have been found in the first printed copy.

Cover Design

If you have created your cover but need assistance putting it in professional layout software, we can do that for you. Alternatively, we can build a custom cover book design from the start that will truly sell your book including your images or unique drawings. If you have designed your cover but need assistance placing it in professional layout software, we can do that for you as well.

Text Layout

We will design the book according to the trim size that you choose, using the typefaces that you select throughout the design process. In the beginning, we will demonstrate to you a sample proof of the introductory pages and the first chapter. This sample proof will have page numbers as well as running heads. You will then have the opportunity to provide feedback and make modifications to this first design to ensure that the rest of the book reflects your vision. Any pictures, line drawings, or graphs that you desire may also be scanned by us or integrated into your project.

Copy Editing

Your Word document is going to be edited using copyediting. Our copy editor will communicate with you, and we will provide the proposed modifications, which may include the following:

Examining the material to verify that it is adequately written and organized in a sensible manner

Grammar and spelling that is accurate

Check to see that the wording adheres to the 'house style' of the publication if it is appropriate.

Verify the details and bring up any questions you have with the writer.

Watch out for any possible legal issues and have a conversation about them with the publisher.

Make sure that the images and the captions are accurate.

Proof Reading

The service of having your book proofread is one that we provide. After the book has been prepared to make sure that the page numbers are consecutive, watch out for typographical and design errors, cross-check chapter titles with the table of contents, and make sure that images and their captions match one another, this step will take place.

eBook Conversion

We can convert the design of your book into an eBook that can be accessed on a variety of devices, such as the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, and Sony book reader. Additionally, we can assist you with uploading the book to Kindle Direct Publishing as well as any other electronic bookshop.

Publicity Materials

Any promotional products, such as bookmarks, postcards, or posters, may have their designs created and printed by us. These might include photographs of your book's cover and would be an excellent tool for promoting your publication.