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Brochure Design

Brochure Design

The brochure is a business's invitation to a consumer to either purchase a product or utilize a service they are providing. Brochures are a highly practical and affordable marketing tool for showcasing a company. A professionally designed brochure may make a fantastic first impression on clients and eventually generate leads. In a relatively short period, you will be able to treble your sales and cultivate customer loyalty. We strongly advise hiring a professional design firm to create your brochures to instantly increase the worth of your organization.

Brochure design itself has a key quality that comprises eye-catching visuals, expert design, a cutting-edge strategy, the proper methodologies, and a thorough awareness of the contemporary market. It is challenging to create a sophisticated, interesting, and aesthetic brochure design without such information. Our team of talented designers can create many distinctive versions of the same brochure, allowing you the freedom to choose from a variety of brochure designs.

Solution Corridor is a digital design company that offers the finest brochure design services worldwide. With the aid of contemporary and eye-catching brochure design, we are an international organization that assists hundreds of companies in achieving their true representation in the consumer market. We provide excellent brochure design services to businesses trying to stand out in a crowded market. Because we never skimp on quality, we have built a reputation in the industry.

Types of Brochure Design Service

Regarding the size and shape of the brochure, we provide bespoke brochure designs in any format. A lot of companies employ certain standard forms in addition to personalized brochures. The forms of brochures that are utilized the most are listed below.

Single Page

To distribute them at events, music festivals, shopping centers, malls, trade shows, marketplaces, stalls, and during activity marketing, a single-page brochure design is often used.


To showcase the goods and services offered by small businesses, bi-fold brochure designs are often used. Typically, businesses utilize them to target market distributors.


Tri-fold brochures, often referred to as z-fold brochures, are frequently created to include a variety of services offered by a single business or extensive giveaway menus.

Four-Panel Fold

A tri-fold brochure may also be folded into a four-panel format. There is no limitation on adding a fold if you believe that there is not enough room to showcase your item or service.

Single Gate Fold

Although single gatefold brochures are uncommon, they are useful for huge corporations' innovative marketing campaigns since they may be aesthetically appealing and attract clients.

Double Gate Fold

The single-gate fold brochure is expanded to include two gates. You might include an additional base fold if you believe that there isn't enough room to express your originality via design.

Why Choose Us?

Solution Corridor has made a name for itself by offering its clients excellent design services that are both affordable and of the highest quality. Over the last three years, we have assisted hundreds of local and foreign clients. Our internal workflow system prevents us from missing crucial deadlines, enabling efficient manufacturing and speedy turnarounds.

Cost Effective

Compared to other design companies, the cost of our design services is about 50% less. This makes us a very affordable choice for customers, particularly for startups.

Quick Results

We provide a workflow process where each step is calculated rather than chosen at random. This manufacturing method is followed by every designer at our organization, which leads to quick delivery.


Up until the customer is completely pleased with the production-ready design we give, we have a policy of design changes. How come this policy? Because we put the needs of our customers first.

Skilled Designers

We have a team of designers that work with you on the project from start to finish. This way, we can make sure that you and our design team are on the same page from the start.